Pittsburgh Dopefest, Part II: Medea's Child Returns

In a thread from a galaxy far, far away, our own Medea’s Child attempted to organize a Dopefest. She believed she had failed.

But just when she thought it was safe to go back to MPSIMS…

“It’s BAA-AACK!”

Yes, appearing in a restaurant near her dorm (and maybe near you) is Pittsburgh Dopefest 2001!

OK, OK… The preview is over. Here’s the deal. I’m thinking of taking a Friday off, driving the six hours to Pittsburgh on Thursday night, spending Friday and Saturday, and driving back Saturday night. Or Sunday night if I’m not already overstaying my welcome. Since Medea’s Child has expressed a desire to attend a Dopefest and has not yet done so, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to organize one. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet Guinastasia, too.

I suggest a Friday in February, perhaps the 9th, the 16th, or the 23rd.

Any takers?

You rock, mrblue.

I can probably be there. Considering I live here.

I’m all about that. I don’t think I’ve got anything going on those three dates, so just say the word, and I’m there. Any ideas on restaurants/activites?

And I’ll most likely be dragged along…

I have no life, so just tell me when and where and I’ll do my best to show. Which means i’ll be there, if it’s ANYwhere neer where I live.

I rock? I didn’t think I wobbled that much. I mean, sure, my legs get tired if I’m standing in one position for a long time so… Oh.

I should hope you’d be there Kathryn, considering I’d be coming to see you for the weekend. Sheesh. :wink:

How about Le Sang? He seemed pretty interested in the previous thread. (Which, BTW, recommended Gullifty’s (along with a couple other places) as the locale. I don’t know anything about the place as I’ve never been to Pittsburgh, but the name is interesting.)

DUDE! I am SO there!

I’d love to come, considering the massive crush I have on Medea’s Child . . .

phantomdiver certainly isn’t going, which most likely means I can’t come unless one of two things happens:

  1. Pittsburgh becomes less than five hours from DC.

  2. I get a ride with someone else (though we can certainly [read: hopefully] use my suburban [read: good car to have in snow]).

Damn, I’d forgotten all about this one!

Too bad - I probably won’t be able to make it, and I really wanted to.

I’ve got stuff going on every weekend from the 21st of this month to the 10th of February, and after that, I think my wife will insist that I stay home and get caught up on stuff we’re working on.

Y’all have a great time, hoist a few beers for me, and I’ll try to be there for the next one, OK?


I’ve been waiting for those words to reappear in a topic for a long time :smiley:

As long as noone suggests the O, I’m there :slight_smile: (hell, if MC can make it, I better be able to…)

Le Sang, if those eight extra flights of stairs can stop you, you aren’t a true Doper.

Steve! You aren’t wobbly you’re wonderful.

Hey, just noticed something: one of the suggested dates is the 16th of Feb. If that’s what it ends up being, I am unavailable… which would suck for me royally, considering I already missed one dopefest by mere hours :frowning:

Anyway… given that noone else has volunteered to organize this escapade… combined with the fact that I am fairly new… I can probably do it. Send an e-mail if you’re up for it (with preferences if you’ve got 'em) and I’ll keep you up to date :slight_smile:

OK, in keeping with the fine tradition of Dopefests past, here’s the obligatory list of attendees so far (subject to a huge number of changes, no doubt):

mrblue92 (myself)
Medea’s Child
Le Sang

And, in the event that a massive earthquake strikes and somehow manages to shift the entire District of Columbia northwest a few hundred miles:


(Come to think of it, I wonder if the arrival of Bush and Ashcroft would be enough for the whole town to pick up and run back to the old capital at Philly… Constitutional Convention, anyone?)

For the benefit of those needing to make plans in advance, I’m going to tenatively pick February 9th, and we can negotiate if necessary. (I had arbitrarily picked the 16th until I read Le Sang’s post.)

Kathryn, do you happen to know of any nearby hotels?

wow - he changed the whole thing just for me… :smiley:

I really feel like I belong now…

<goes off to sleep, contented>

Well, my dear Kathryn needs someone to lay down in puddles in the parking lot so she can step on him instead of getting her delicate feet wet. Might as well be someone who’s used to it. :smiley:

Count me in! Whatever’s good for Jester’s good for me.

OK, so Gullifty’s is OK? Does 7:00 PM sound reasonable to everyone so far?

How about sometime during hte day? I wouldn’t want to have to get to and from Oakland late at night.

Guin, I think that might be a bit of a problem on Friday. You see, there might be a few people with the standard 8 to 5 jobs… We’ve three possibilties that I can think of:

  1. Lobby for an earlier time and see if everyone can make it.
  2. Push for a Saturday lunch. (Feb 10th)
  3. Attempt to find an escort or place to crash that night.

(How dangerous is the area? I’m totally unfamiliar with Pittsburgh.)

I’m not sure what kind of arrangements I’ll have, so I’m not in any position to offer a ride or place to stay yet. Not to mention it’d probably be pretty awkward staying the night with a 26 year old guy you’ve just met. I might feel a little odd staying a Kathryn’s place if that’s even an option.

Fortunately, we’ve got a month to work the details out. (Hey Kathryn, we might have to have two Mini-Dopefests… And you know, I’ve forgotten to ask you what your schedule is on Fridays and Saturdays; how much time are we going to have?)

Oops… Forgot option four…

  1. Pick a location that would be more comfortable.

Yes, I do know of hotels.

It depends on how wierd you can stand. Across the street from me is a very odd, adorable, old hotel full of charactor. The other cool hotel is pretty new, under a year, a bit further away but you get your own kitchen and some really pretty views.