Pittsburgh friday night

So I went out for the city-wide celebration of the Pens Stanley Cup and it was pretty crazy. They shut down the streets as everyone came out of the bars and there were just people everywhere. People chanting everywhere, people carrying around imitation cups, and just slapping hands with everyone who walked by. It felt as though the whole city was affected with a sense of pride and accomplishment from this sports feat.

Got me to thinking. Which city has the most die hard fans? I’m betting Pittsburgh pretty high up there.

Ever seen the reaction in Montreal after a playoff win? Or, for that matter, a playoff loss?

Sadly, usually more violent than the fun you’re describing.

Pirate fans, sure. That have to be pretty die hard. Steeler and Penguin fans though have it pretty easy. It’s not too hard to be a fan of them.

My vote goes to Cleveland fans. The ones that keep sticking with the teams every year and have nothing to show for it. That takes determination.

yeah I see your point Wolverine. Still though, I think people in Pittsburgh are a little crazier than most about their sports teams.

Antigen you are right about it not being destructive or anything, but I was a little disturbed at how many Hossa chants there were. As someone who was very involved in sports growing up, I find it to be very distasteful to mock a player for losing. (I am ashamed to say though I joined in on the chants at first, but after I realized it was wrong I stopped)

It’s both amazing and disturbing…the riots here after winning the first round against Boston last year were nuts - this city is going to go crazy next time we make it to round 2, nevermind the Cup!

There are books, theses, and university seminars about how being a fan of the Canadiens is like a religion. The traditions, respect for former players, and emotion that go along with the highs and lows of this team are pretty fascinating to witness (and be a part of, as I am definitely becoming a hockey fan!) Some fans bleed bleu, blanc rouge!

After the Super Bowl destruction there wasn’t likely to be destruction this time around. The police were ready. They were disproportionately ready, really.

As for Hossa, it wasn’t that he lost, it was that he went shopping for a team, specifically to maximize his chances of a cup. He made a sucker bet after coming within a hair’s breadth last year that the Pens couldn’t succeed. And he ended up being the money-seeking, fame-seeking, status-seeking loser. That’s why he’s mocked. Not just for being on the Wings, but his intentional abandoning of the Pens for self-aggrandizing purposes.

But as Bill Peduto (city councilman) pointed out on Twitter, getting rid of Hossa enabled us to sign Orpik, Satan, Guerin & Fedotenko and extend the contracts for Staahl and Talbot. Hossa was overpriced in both his own mind and reality.

To put it simply, he wasn’t a loser so much as he was a traitor, who ended up losing.

And basically, everyone’s attitude towards Hossa is: “Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?”