Place your bets here: next week on The Big Bang Theory? [SPOILERS, edited title]

According to the TV Guide, a proposal will be offered and accepted next week on The Big Bang. So who is the lucky couple?

No option for Raj and Howard?

Does TV Guide say “a proposal,” or “a proposal of marriage?” Makes a big difference.

If the latter, it will be Howard & Bernadette. Nobody else is anywhere near that point in their relationship. Neither are H&B, for that matter, but they can play the whole “Mother” angle up for quite a bit.

No, and I wish I’d thought of that. It would really be a corker.

I voted Leonard and Penny but I don’t think it will be a proposal of marriage.

In fact as I type this I’m changing my mind. I think it will be Sheldon proposing something to Penny.

I say Sheldon & Amy. They propose to become girlfriend and boyfriend.

nice little Kaley Cuoco interview here

[maybe I should have put in episode thread?]

I revised the thread title from “Place your bets here: Who is going to propose marriage to whom next week on The Big Bang Theory?” because it contains a possible spoiler.

Assuming, it’s an actual marriage proposal I’ll bet Leonard and Priya, for some wacky immigration type reason. It’ll be the catalyst for Penny to realize she still loves Leonard.

A proposal does not mean anything. Howard already proposed once to Bernadette without any consequences.

Amy and Penny!

Yeah because they are ‘Besties’:wink:

TV Guide spoiler

I went with Howard a Bernadette since it would have the least impact on the show. Tha basic Penny-Leonard-Priya and Sheldon-Amy situations could continue.

Well, my DVR program guide went the other way and mentioned a couple by name doing something important, but no specifics as to what. So if you don’t want to be completely spoiled, don’t read your program guide.

New theory after having watched this last weeks episode: Sheldon is gonna do a total overreaction to ignoring Priya and the proposal will be…
Priya is going back to India and will invite Leonard to go with her.

Well that carves a finer point on it.

Tonight’s the night, so I’m bumping this thread instead of creating a new one.

L&P aren’t ready yet, but after last week’s episode I predicted the beginning of the end for those two. It seems that Pryia really doesn’t “get” Leonard, while Penny does. Having said that, I can see him proposing to Pryia as a last ditch effort to try to resurrect the relationship. I don’t think she’ll take him up on it, since they only way for that relationship to work would be for him to leave the show. Instead, I think they’ll write her out, either she’ll go back home or move to New York. Now that I’ve said that ‘outloud’ I think I’ll put my vote in for L&P as this breakup will make them realize they’ve always been meant to be together and all that mushy crap.

Well, if Chuck is telling the truth and it is a marriage proposal, I’m still betting H & B. They can stretch the engagement out for a season or two, letting all the prep have its influence on L & P. Then, three seasons from now, just as the happy couple are about to walk down the aisle, they notice that a groomsman and bridesmaid are missing. L & P walk in and announce that they eloped and got married, taking all the wind out of the ceremony. Bernadette grabs an Uzi, and…The End.