Place your WWAAAAYYY out there Baseball predictions here

During the football season my friends and I have “stupid dollar bets”. Crazy, out there crap that almost never happens, but are worth throwing a dollar on, like “I bet in the second half we’ll see someone’s shoe fly off” or “The point total of this game will exceed 60”

I don’t want to get that detailed here…but let’s make some NUTS predictions based on past experience and personality.

Firstly, and most important, I’m predicting my boyfriend, Kerry Wood will not only win 20 games, but throw a no hitter.

I also predict** Ken Griffey Jr.** will suffer a season ending injury before June, and subsequently retire.

Back to Kerry, I predict a bloody, Nolan Ryan-like fight between Kerry and Roger Clemens

and, for my way out there bet:

I predict there will be an opening day game called on account of snow.

Yankees finish third, and miss the playoffs. Over 100 Bostonians arrested in subsequent celebratory riot.

Steve Bartman Day at Wrigley ends with the Cubs winning on a freak play.

Detroit contends…until the end of April.

Atlanta misses the playoffs as well, but from what I’ve been hearing, this isn’t a huge shock. Apparently, the Phillies are the team to beat in the east.

Bonds barely hits 30 HR.

Manny Ramierez legs out an infield single.
BoSox sweep Mets (Wild Card and my WAAAAYYYY out there prediction) to break The Curse.

I’m a Sox Fan.

Orioles go over .500

I predict that the San Deigo Chicken will relocate to Chicago.

Detroit will give another fantastic lackluster year.
Oh, wait, you are talking baseball. I’m making predictions for football.


The cubs, in a spectacular season, will win 85 percent of their games, only to be killed en masse in a plane crash on the way to the world series…

The irony will be the fact that it will be Steve Bartman’s brother Jim, who forgot to tighten the lag bolts on the jet engine mount.

Pittsburgh will win 120 games and sweep the Playoffs, and then demolish the hated Tigers in the World Series in a 4-0 sweep.

You heard it here first.

The Marlins will repeat as World Champions.

Two different Devil Ray pitchers will pitch no-hitters.

No American League player will hit 40 homers.

The Yankees won’t make the postseason.

At least one division champion will have a losing record.

[exaggerated sportscaster pundit noises]

Yankees fail!
Bonds! Out for the season?!
The Indians! Can you believe! What they did! To honor Marge Schott?!
Devil Rays! Playoffs! Believe it!


More than nine people will show up at Tropicana Field for a Devil Rays game.

Three of them will actually have paid for their tickets.

Yankees fan here predicting a third place finish for my team, behind the Sawx and the Jays. The best record in the AL will be set by Artie Moreno’s Angelenos. The A’s will get the wild card.

Cy Young: Byung-Hyun Kim

So far in all the fights I’ve seen, no player has attempted to apply a bat to the skull of another player. The 2004 season will change that.

Just as a footnote, that has actually happened. Juan Marichal clubbed John Roseboro over the head three times with a bat in the weeks following the Watts riots, 1965.

I don’t think anyone wants to see that happen again.

Adrian Beltre will finally live up to his potential.

Nah, that’s too far out ther.

The New York Yankees will use their farm team this year.

Columbus Ohio…home of the Yankees AAA farm team…the most irrelevant team in baseball.

Tampa has the best hockey team in the league this year, I don’t think their stadium has ever been sold out. People in this area just do NOT support their teams, not even at the college or high school level. :shrug:

My prediction: Devil Rays will not finish last in their division. (Would that be the first time?).

Last night’s game at home was sold out, as are the last 4 games of the season (all home games). That’s what the commentators were saying.

People do support the teams, but I don’t know how much support the Bucs are going to get, sans Lynch and Sapp.

My prediction: it will be a Braves/Devil Rays series, with the Devil Rays winning in 5.

Red Sox/Cubs Series:

After 17 innings in Game 7 Bud Selig declares a tie, thus preserving the structure of the universe.

Kerry Wood with a 22-8 record will remind us of Steve Carlton’s first season with the Phillies when he went 27-10 for a last-placed team that only won 59 games. The no hitter predicted in the OP will be followed by hitting two of the first three batters he faces next game to give him 24 for the season.