Plants vs Zombies

My newest addiction:

Yeah, I don’t get into casual games much, but this one got me hooked. Until I had finished it five or six times. Now I’m waiting for the bastards to come out with Plants vs. Zombies 2. Come on, PopCap, come get my twenty dollars. You know I’m good for it.

A similar game has been added as a side-quest on WOW, called Basic Botany. One of the levels is called Lawn of the Dead. If you successfully complete all levels, you get a singing sunflower pet. To play, see Brazie the Botanist in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

My wife is playing it right now!

This is a lovely game. I’ll need to fire it up again soon.

heh, I’m soooo not a “gamer” but I found this one pretty addictive. I will likely spend the rest of my life trying to beat it. :slight_smile:

Is it more hypnotic than Bejeweled?

I know lots of people who have no interest in Bejeweled. I don’t know ANYONE who wasn’t hooked into Plants vs Zombies after playing it for a few minutes. Gamers. Non-gamers. Whatever. If you can operate a mouse, you love Plants vs Zombies.

It’s fun, but it’s too much mouse clicking for it to have long playability for me.

My wife got it for me for xmas for the Xbox 360.

My 4 year old now shuffles around the house like a zombie and has tried to eat our houseplants.

help !

Love this game, and so do the little Whatsits. It would make my year if Popcap came out with a sequel in time for summer vacation.

Best. Tower defense. Game. Ever. (Other than the change to the Dancing Zombie in the Game of the Year edition. Bring back “Thriller”!)

The premise is perfect for a tower defense game: Plants can’t move; zombies can’t dodge. The plants and zombies have sufficient variety that the game doesn’t get stale. The difficulty ramp is very smooth. The mini games and puzzle games can be addicting (though I cannot for the undeath of me last for more than a few rounds of I Zombie or Vasebreaker in Endless).

And the Zen Garden is very relaxing.

Ruby: Where are you stuck trying to beat PvZ?

Except this: If all that zombies want to do is eat brains, why are they tearing up my garden?!?

Because your garden is between them and YOur bRaINz!

Three of my characters have the mini-pet. :smiley: Bonus: The voice of the pet is done by the same voice actress who sung the sunflower’s part in the PvZ music video.

Got PvZ on my iPhone, and I love it.

One of the first games I bought on the iPad we got for Christmas. I’d played it before, and had told my wife she’d love it, but she just sniffed derisively at me. Didn’t take long to get her hooked. hehe.

Even funnier: our three-year-old plays with it some. She’s not a master strategist, of course, but she likes watching the chompers munch on zombies. And lemme tell ya, it’s funny as hell when they make it through the lines and she says, all disappointed-like, “Aww, they ate my brains.”

They heard that vegetables are brain food, but being zombies are too dumb to hear anything but the first word.

This game was good, but it was way too easy.

I made a more challenging version for myself, where I only could build a total number of sunflowers equal to the level.

I suck at I, Zombie but I’m pretty proud of my top streak of 52 in Vasebreaker.

I have the original version on my laptop and the GOTY version on my GF’s laptop. The disco guy is funny, but the MJ guy is awesome. You’d think that MJ('s estate) would appreciate his inclusion and have a sense of humor, but oh well.