Please explain this cartoon to me

I usually find these funny but I have no idea what the joke is here:

Please explain this to a foreigner

He is using a heavy pancake syrup rather than thinner, flavored (raspberry, peach, etc) syrups normally used for coffee.

I think the joke is that he’s using Mrs. Butterworth’s (Maple Syrup) as the flavored syrup. But I’m not sure why that’s supposed to be funny.

Yet another example of the Great American Dream, where anyone can reach his or her goal with the proper effort. It’s also often portrayed as biting one on one’s own ass, as this gentleman has discovered that, now that he’s gotten successful, he has to add more flavors, more types of coffee, maybe get an actual shop, hire some people, figure out time sheets, vacation days, and suddenly he’s sucked into the pit of being a Successful Entrepeneur.

On the other hand, maybe it’s because he’s using Mrs. Butterworth’s (maple syrup), which is a weird thing to put in coffee.

Mrs. Butterworth’s is an artifical maple syrup. Starbucks, I assume that you know is a major coffee store chain, has many bottles of flavoured syrups for their coffee.

Homeboy Max Cannon’s Red Meat strips is a bit too surreal for lots of Americans to follow so don’t feel bad for not getting it. It’s one of my favorite urban newsweekly strips next to Derf’s The City