Please go fuck a rubber doll, johnybgood

johnybgood posted this thread, asking for some advice about a sexual problem.

I asked him a few questions, in order to maybe offer a bit of support and advice:

and he replies like some 15 year old fucking kid. With this bullshit:

Still willing to give the guy a chance, I press him further for more information, and he replies with:

He then goes on to have a chatroom-style conversation with another poster about blow-up dolls and “showing your wife what a real man can do”. Personally think you are full of shit.

You don’t want my advice? Well don’t ask for serious advice in the first place you immature fucktard.

He and that ignorant cockgobbling assmonkey 0887 appear to be the same person, it’s the only way to explain the way that thread devolved. 0887 clearly wanted to show off his talents, which apparently are limited to nonsensical ramblings of a most incoherent nature. Best way to shape a discussion the way you want? Play both parts. So the guy wants everyone to think he’s some frickin’ foul-mouthed equivalent of Oscar Wilde by tossing out his nuggets of rotten festering crap, so he baits himself into doing so…sounds pretty plausible to me. Either way, he’s a fucknut. T minus 3 days 'till he’s outta here one way or another.

I think they are the same person.

Yeah, the more I look at that thread the more I would have to agree with you. I get the distinct impression he’s sexually frustrated 15 year old who jerks off into his own sock.

Fuck 'em both. I’ve reported the post to a moderator by the way.

I bet it isn’t even a nice sock. I bet it’s a lice-infested hole-ridden sock. And the fibers have gotta be wearing thin on that thing for all the times he’s jerked it around…well, at least the first two inches of the sock.

Funny you should mention socks.

Yes, funny isn’t it. Strange. It seems I mentioned the word “sock” a number of times. How odd. I wonder if I’m subconsciously thinking about “socks” for some reason…hmmm, what a puzzle, what a puzzle. Oh well, it seems I’m just talking to myself at this point :wink:

Why is it funny that Rex mentioned socks?

A sock-puppet is the term for someone using multiple usernames.

As for my contribution: why bother pitting people that have less than 100 posts? Chances are pretty good that if someone starts being an asshole that early they’re going to be banned without any extra help.

Yeah, good point Silentgoldfish, But I’ve never pitted another poster in anger before, and this seemed like a good opportunity to practice my pitting skills. I know, it was an easy target. How was the OP… OK?

Next time I’ll pit an established poster - promise! :slight_smile:

Shucks, no need to get worked up. It was just a couple of 13 year olds giggling over the keyboard.

They probably went back to Teen Chat to tell their friends. they won’t be back.


I hope.


Aren’t children nowadays so cute when they’re trying to be all grown up and stuff?

Awwww… :rolleyes:

Charming, really. Makes one a firm believer in retroactive birth control.


I’ve banned him, so we don’t need this thread open any longer.