please help identity a car

Dear community,

I am a guest of this excellent country, I live in San Francisco and three days ago in Berkeley some idiot on black pickup truck made hit-n-run and damaged our porsche.

we have photos, please help me to identify this car.

I do appreciate your support.

Well, it’s pretty distinctive looking. Extended cab, stakes on the bed, maybe dual wheels in the back.

Try these people, they’re into this sort of thing.

Pretty hard to tell. That is a shot from the rear and the entire rear of that vehicle is custom, not stock. Custom bed, custom wheels.

It is an extended cab pickup truck. Other than that I don’t see any distinguishing characteristics.

Here’s what my car-loving son said:

“What a crappy picture, if its a compact truck it looks like a 1989-94 Toyota pickup. The only way I can tell is by looking at the extended cab windows which on toyotas the bottom of the window sits lower than the door window.”

Have you contacted the local police? This is a world wide website, there are likely local websites where someone might recognize that particular truck, it is fairly distinctive.

Took the liberty of reposting link over here.

trying to figure out what the center section hump is in the truck bed. Is that part of a tilt-back mechanism?

but I do not expect any effort from Police. it is low priority case, but it cost me 1000 USD

Your car is insured, so are you saying that you carried a $1000 deductible on a Porsche? Or is the total damage $1k?

Another note to the posting crowd as a whole – I am a new-ish member on this forum, so take this as you please.

This person has just signed up for an account this month. It is one thing to help a long term poster in the other thread. I even remember him posting about the storm as it went through his area. But, I’m not easy with trying to track down trucks for anyone who signs up to post. As was stated in the other thread, we don’t know if this person was genuinely in an accident or is looking for help finding a person who they have ill-will toward.

That is a very distinct truck and it wouldn’t be totally beyond reason that a doper from the area might say “Oh, I see that truck all the time running around… [area of city]” I hope no one would do that until they’d verified at least who the poster is.

Okay, I see…

  1. yes, I registrated specifically to post this message.
  2. Police report number 13-24946. Berkeley.
  3. I have 1000 USD deductible, total cost of damage is more than 5000 USD.
  4. you may contact me directly:

Police report photo is uploaded into the same album.

actually that’s a good point regardless of how long the poster has been on the board. To what end would this information be used? It serves no productive purpose to identify this truck. but I see further info was posted by the op so it seems on the up and up.

The police won’t do much. I asked about it because it’s important to have a police report to collect insurance, or damages if you can find the owner of the truck. Good luck with your search.

I want to ask store-owners on 4st street in Berkeley where this stuff happened,

I suppose this guy brought some stuff to stores, because it happened on parking.
it was 9 am in the morning, and it might be employee, or acquainted person of employee.

Berkeley is a village, I really have chances to find him, but I want to identify this strange truck.

Thank you

I’m sorry if my post upset you, but now you have provided more information that shows that there was an actual accident (assuming the police report number is legit).

Surely you can understand how some people might want information in the pursuit of less than desirable aims? I have been stalked before and it is not fun to deal with. (I have also not accused you of stalking, only asked for more details to verify your claim because you are new here and asking about a fairly small community)

Sorry, i now see that you’ve posted an image of your report.

Again, this is an internet forum and not everyone who posts, posts the truth. I thank you for the added info to assure people who might be able to help you.

I wish you luck in resolving your problem.


there is no place for upset, you are right, it is internet.

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Possibly. It looks a little too angular to me to be that vintage Toyota truck, but I was thinking maybe an Isuzu pickup with the Space Cab:

If that’s the case, that might be good news since those Toyotas are a dime a dozen in California, but the Isuzu Space Cab is a relatively rare vehicle. Let alone one with a stake bed like this one.

Around a 90 Toyota pickup, extended cab. Like this. But with a modified bed.

Thank you, guys.