Please help me show my appreciation

I had to come to the USA for a surgery that couldn’t be done in my Mexican town.

A married couple I have known for over 20 years offered to let me stay with them.

I have been here for 3 weeks. I have tried to pay for my part. Bought groceries, gasoline, brought gifts, and have been using public transportation.

He works days and she works nights. So, I got to spend time with them both, without interrupting their time together.

Been doing chores. When I arrived, the two car garage was so full you couldn’t walk in it. I cleaned and organized it. Now you can dance in it. I have repaired the travel trailer. Fixed lawn sprinklers, and other tasks.

But what they have done, allowing me to stay here is incredible. I could not have done this without their kindness. I don’t think my biological family, if they were alive, would have done it.

I would love to show my appreciation. And you folks have been around the block. Who better to ask?

I don’t have a lot of fun tickets. But I really want to do something special.

Need answer fast, as I return to Mexico this Sunday.

Thank you for your replies.

You have done plenty, and then some.

How is your recovery going? Getting enough rest?

I assume ‘fun tickets’ means money. If you can’t spend then write. Tell them about your gratitude. Let them know you’ll pay it forward some day. Even more so in this day and age a handwritten letter means something special for a matter like this. You are very lucky and those are amazing people.

I would be ecstatically happy with what you’ve done around the house already. I’d ask if you want to come stay a couple weeks every year. You’ve shown your gratitude many times over already.

I agree with everyone saying you have been a fantastic guest already, but I thought of something that might be a nice idea. It’s thinking of something they could use together frequently, and you could write a note that says you hope every time they use it, it will remind them of your deep appreciation for their wonderful friendship. An example would be a couple of pretty wine glasses and a bottle of wine. Something small but tangible as a memento of your visit. You sound great, I think they likely enjoyed having you there.

Thirding that it seems like you’ve done a pretty incredible job of showing appreciation already, and that something hand-written expressing your thanks would do wonders.

Write a smiley in it too. People love that shit.

It sounds like you’ve done a lot already and the suggestions for a hand-written note are good. You don’t mention cooking so maybe there is a special/unique dish you learned to cook in Mexico that you could make for them.

Thumbs up on both - a heartfelt, handwritten exposition of all it’s meant to you, and that you will pay it forward. Nothing has ever made me feel more gratified for doing a favor than to see or hear it “paid forward” in a meaningful way.

Got home last night. So, good to be home!

Thank you all for your replies. My time there couldn’t have been more enjoyable. Enjoyed a bunch of TV. I don’t have a TV, so it was different. They always had the TV on, whereas I prefer music.

As suggested, I did write a nice note and included 2 pictures of President Jackson. Yes, TriPolar, fun tickets=money. I wanted to reimburse for the TP and hot water, soap for laundry, etc.

WonderMutt, yes recovery is going well. Thank you for asking. In order to get home sooner, I will have the stitches taken out here.

PeriWinkle, thank you for the suggestion. I gave them a bottle of Cab. A better quality than I buy for my own consumption.

And yes, SmellMyWort, I fixed my specialty dish. Frijol con Puerco. They loved it!

Thank you all for your replies, and suggestions. Everything was beautiful given my strange sense of the weird. Even the lady of the house commented, “It was better (my stay) than I expected”.

However, I will never ask that (an extended stay) of anyone in the future. It is such a huge thing to ask. Hopefully, my medical needs can be taken care of in Mexico. If not, I will find an Airbnb.

Thanks everyone! You are the greatest!

So, harmonicamoon, next time you’re needing surgery, you’re welcome to camp at my place. :slight_smile:

If you’re going to do all that work you can come stay here even if you don’t need surgery.

I’ll just ask you to move over to Cafe Society and post your Frijoles Con Puerco. No, really. :smiley: I love those.

They did that for a reason and I think you have already gone well above and beyond the norms. That is really all people that make those types of offers want. The most important thing is you send them a simple card for Christmas, birthday greetings or similar types of acknowledgment. They don’t expect money or fancy gifts. Just give them a sincere thanks and let them know how you doing every now and then.