Please help me think of a wish for my nephew.

I’m going to a ‘dedication ceremony’ for my 8 month old nephew on Monday. I’m supposed to have thought of a ‘wish’ for his future.

Examples I was given: long life, love of knowledge, happiness in love.


Please help?

That he finds his passion in life and the wherewithal to pursue it!

ooh, good one, Idlewild.

Lifelong good health.

I’m full of the wishes! I was also thinking “The strength to be true to himself.” might come in handy at times.

These are all things I wish I’d had from birth :wink: Good health for life would be excellent too.

[aside] What’s a dedication ceremony? I assume it’s some sort of non-religious celebration of his birth? What does it entail? [/aside]

“May heaven’s finest blessings shower down upon you.”

May he live a life that brings happiness to himself and to all who know him.

I asked the same question.

It’s introducing him formally to the world, his gods/goddesses, his family, etc.

I guess it’s a bit like a christening for non-christians.

May he have health, courage, joy and love.
May he have health to carry him on his journey.
May he have courage to explore wherever life takes him.
May he have courage to face problems that will help him grow.
May he have joy and friends to make the journey bearable.
May he give back courage, joy and love along his way.

There is a local disc jockey who ends every show with the following phrase:

Enjoy every sandwich.

I am not sure what it means, but it always makes me smile whenever he says it.

OK then…just Googled it and it is an album by Warren Zevon and a song that also closes his show, but it is also a great song written by a guy who knew he was dying, and it was sort of his last wish…so still appropriate, but maybe a little off the wall.

How about, “live long and prosper”?

I’ve always been fond of, “May you have a life filled with happiness and just enough sadness to realize how truly lucky (or blessed) you are.”

Yes, at 8 months, this is most likely similar inintent to a Christening; it’s an opportunity to formally introduce the infant to the community and make a public declaration of his personhood and place him under the protection of God and Goddess. I officiate a lot of these.

There’s some good options here. A few general words of advice:

Often, these things turn into one-upmanship. Don’t go there. Speak from your heart, and don’t try to be more clever, more funny or more profound than the last guy. That gets old really quickly.

Pick a few options, because someone before you will always say what you were going to say. Don’t get flustered or agravated - have a couple of back-ups on hand.

Speak from the heart (I said that already, but I’ll repeat it.) If your turn comes and you suddenly gain inspiration, don’t be afraid to go with it (and possibly throw whatever you planned out the window.) Even if you stammer and hesitate and don’t word it as eloquently as Shakespear, a blessing made from the heart is more welcome and valuable than a generic poem of greater literary merit.

Make it apply to your nephew. Sure, he’s only 8 months old. But he has his own personality, his own history and his own unique family. “May you have Grandma Smith’s sense of humor, Grandpa Foster’s fastball and Uncle Morris’ talent with orchids,” means more than a generic platitude.

Here’s some I’ve heard or used that I like a lot:

[ul]“May you never forget the fun of a mudpie.”[/ul]

[ul]“May you always stop and smell the flowers. And eat the violets, because they’re yummy.”[/ul]

[ul]“Honor your mother and father, your ancestors and the trees. They will support you when you’re tired and need someone to lean on.”[/ul]

[ul]“May your life be just challenging enough to spur you to grow into yourself.”[/ul]

[ul]“I wish you long life, good health and plenty of beer.”[/ul]

[ul]“Laugh a little, cry a little, love a lot.”[/ul]

Two things to not wish for:

May you get everything you deserve.

May you get everything you ever dreamed of.

Thanks everyone. I leave tonight, and I’ll report back on how it went.

I’m definitely putting ‘live long and prosper’ in there. I was trying to think of something geeky, and that fits the bill perfectly.

Well, the ceremony was very nice. Everyone made their wishes and little Brody was absolutely fascinated by the fire (we all lit candles with our wish).

My father went right before me, and he said “may he find his passion”. As I was going to say “That he finds his passion in life and the wherewithal to pursue it!” (thanks, idlewild) I just said “well, my dad stole my answer, so I’ll just tell him to ‘live long and prosper’”

It was very nice. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

Sweet. Thanks for the update! :smiley: