Please identify this tune for me!

This one is driving me crazy, because I know that I know it:

It’s neither “I’ll Be Seeing You” nor “I Can Dream, Can’t I?” What is it???

The list of song titles accompanying the post leaves, uhm, something to be desired.

The list of titles is correct as far as I can tell. That first song is This Guy’s in Love anyway.

If you listen more, it’s neither correct nor complete.

According to Shazam it’s “Save The Last Dance For Me”.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Sure. :slight_smile:

No, I don’t think it is. All I get when I Google it is the song by that name made popular by The Drifters, which I think we all know and love.

Anyone else have an idea? :confused:

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Shazam got the title right as it correctly identified the Frank Chacksfield Orchestra as the artist. Titles can’t be copyrighted and sometimes different books, songs, etc., can have the same name.

Oh, wait, that’s the correct name all right. Here it is on Amazon.

Got it! Specifically labeled “Not the Drifters’ version” on YouTube.

Which leads to my next questions: Who composed it, and what are the lyrics? Surely the two are not the same song … are they? :confused:

This version sounds as though it could have been written by Gershwin or Porter.

That song at 1:22:44 is definitely **not **Save the Last Dance for Me

Certainly not The Drifters’ version; we’ve established that. It is labeled as such on another of Chacksfield’s albums:

Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder if the wrong recording found its way onto Chacksfield’s Fabulous Sixties album. Here is a list of the tunes on that album and all of them are recognizable based on their sixties hit versions except for that one, which sounds to me more like something from the forties. I’m thinking that maybe Chacksfield recorded Save The Last Dance for the that album but some sort of mixup occurred and a different tune got included under Last Dance’s name.

Which if so would then bring us back to your original question, which is what song is it? :smack:

It does sound like something from WWII, doesn’t it? Like something Vera Lynn or young Frank Sinatra would have sung.

Yes, it does. But now I’m out of ideas as to how to find out what song it is and the bedroom beckons. Good luck with your search, I hope somehow you can suss out what it is.

The link opened at the beginning on my iPad, so I had no idea you were asking about a song roughly in the middle of a three hour video. Maybe you could give some indication outside of the link itself for cases where it might not start in the right place?

Sorry it didn’t work for you; I had no problem with it.

Here is a clip with the tune at the beginning:

As noted above, the title is in dispute.

Sure seems that way.

I can at least tell you that the other unidentified song on the list (at 2:29:50) is “She Touched Me” from Drat! The Cat, recorded as “He Touched Me” by Barbra Streisand.

Save the Last Dance for Me (Sweetheart)”

Found that by searching Google for “save the last dance” waltz.

THANK YOU!!! It’s been driving me nuts all day!

It was apparently written by the three-man team of Hirsch, Magine, and Spitalny (haven’t looked up their bios yet), and first (?) recorded by this hot babe:

I wish I could make out the signatures on that photo of the singing trio. The guy on the right looks like a young Hugh Beaumont (he of Leave It to Beaver fame).

According to Ruth’s chronology, the song was written and recorded in 1931. I must have heard it in an obscure period movie or something. I saw a lot of them when I was in grad school.