Please ignore - just testing

Please ignore - just testing

Am I still registered after months away? :confused

I still can’t figure out how to do this

Azazel above the reply window you will see a link like this, vB code.

This will show you how to do most things. You can also use the reply with quote icon at the bottom of every post to find out how people do things.

To make a hyperlink type you own details into the following

[[sup][/sup]url=“”]vBulletin Home Page[/url[sup][/sup]]

this will give you

vBulletin Home Page

thanks, I think I’ve got it figured out.

There’s many more tricks to learn.
One is how to create a link to an individual post on a thread,
like this one in Don’t forget the link. Here’s how to post one, Part Next
Arnold’s method to reference a specific post# (hover over the post’s Quote button to find the number to use)** **