Please recommend me a store-bought protein breakfast bar

I’m looking for a store-bought packaged type bar that I can grab and go in the morning. It needs enough protein and fiber to get me through several hours of the morning.

I’ve tried Larabars. I’ve also tried making them which is very easy but not something I want to do right now. The Larabars are tasty but fairly high in sugar, so the energy is not as long-lasting.

I’ve also tried Kind bars, the peanut butter breakfast one. That has more fiber and the same amount of protein, but it’s pretty dry and not that tasty.

I’ve been eating them together lately, which is my current solution.

I’m looking for some other alternatives.

Any suggestions for a store-bought morning breakfast bar that would sustain me for several hours?

I like ProBars. I don’t eat them for breakfast, just keep them for emergency rations (in car, daypack, saddlebag). For me, a small person, one will get me through at least two, usually three hours. They taste pretty good and are dense.

Thank you! I’ve been looking these up online. I haven’t seen them before that I remember.

Do you eat the Bites, the Bolts, the Meals or the Base bars? The Meals and the Base bars are pretty expensive - over $2 a bar at Amazon. The Bites and Bolts are less expensive, something like $1 - $1.5/bar. But the Meals and the Base bars have a lot more protein and would probably satisfy longer.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll continue to look for them.

I occasionally eat the Kind breakfast bars. I rather like them, so be warned that my tastes may not overlap with yours.

Rxbars are rather weird, definitely not dry, and I find them very satisfying. I may have only tried the chocolate sea salt one. Do not try if you dislike dates.

Nature Valley’s protein bars are very tasty and have a nice amount of protein, but they are higher in carbs than some other brands.

There are also regular Kind bars (rather than the breakfast protein ones). Similar stats to the Nature Valley, and also very tasty. The spicy ones are also a nice change, though if you aren’t in the mood they are weird as hell.

I liked Cliff Bars.

I just realized I was comparing Rxbar nut butters to the other brands’ bars! Ignore my comments on their relative ratios.

I like the Special K bars. I’ve not tried the highest protein ones, but so far there hasn’t been one I don’t like.

I haven’t had Nature Valley bars in a long time. Thanks for the reminder.

I saw those spicy flavor Kind bars at the store too, but was afraid to try them. Thanks for the endorsement. I think I would like more savory flavors in the morning sometimes instead of always having sweet.

I didn’t like the flavor I tried before, but that assortment looks nice. Thanks for linking it.

Very awesome! I didn’t realize RXbars made nut butters. I’ve been looking at the RXbars but haven’t tried them yet. Those nut butters look good. I like the ingredients on the front of it.

I found Balance Bars and Zone Perfect bars to be the best blend of tasty and long-lasting- IIRC, they both aim for something like 30% fat, 30% protein, 40% carbohydrate in their nutritional makeup.

Is like to suggest met-rx bars.

You’re welcome. I didn’t like every flavor of Cliff Bar, of course, but I tried them all before settling on the Blueberry Crunch as my favorite with some of the chocolate chip ones for variety. YMMV.

The spicy ones are still sweet, so be warned! :slight_smile:

There are actually bars that are meat-based, if you want something more savory. I have zero experience with them, so I’m not intending for this to be a recommendation, but there are pemmican-like bars.

I also have a recipe for really easy protein muffins if you ever want to go in that direction.

If you really want to avoid sugars, go with Atkins. Pricey (and in the pharmacy section of Hellmart) but satisfying. There are other low sugar protein foods in the same section, but I haven’t examined them closely enough to make a recommendation.

Thanks for linking that. They’re a little low in protein and fiber for my taste at 1 gram each. If I see the high protein one, I’ll check it out.

Those do look good, just around the level of protein I was aiming for. Thanks.

Haha. When I did a search on Amazon for Balance Bars, actual steel balance bars came up.

I checked out the Balance Bars site. That was more helpful. Those flavors look pretty good too.

They’re not fooling around with the nutrition in those bars. The one I saw had 31 grams of protein. Wow.

Thanks for the recommendation.

That’s a good thought, but I’m a dietary vegan, so that won’t work for me. I’m willing to make some exceptions for the RXbars for instance with the egg whites if it doesn’t make me sick, but eating meat for breakfast might be a bit much for me.

That’s a really sweet offer. Thanks. I’ll keep it in mind. Right now, I can’t make anything from scratch.

I’m actually OK with sugar. Larabars have like 18-19 grams each, which is a little high.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’'ll check out the Atkins. I saw that they’re at Target too.

Are they tasty without the sugar? I’m not a big fan of sucralose normally.

Zone bars are decent and come in a variety of flavors. Not a lot of fiber, so you might want to add a high fiber bar with it.

Atkins bars are tasty enough, some of them are weird, just find flavors you like and avoid the oddballs. The “meal” bars are what you want if you’re using them for breakfast, the “snack” and “treat” size bars aren’t large enough and don’t have enough calories to carry you for long.

On the Clif bars, did you try regular Clif bars or the Clif Builder’s Bars? The Builder’s were IMHO way tastier.

Does it have to be a bar? I’ve been drinking Premier Protein ready-to-drink shakes in the morning for months now, and they keep me going until lunch. A shake has 30g of protein. They sell them everywhere, and in more economical 12- and 18-packs at Sam’s and Costco.

I was coming in here to recommend the Premier Protein bars; I usually eat those in the mornings. They, too, have 30 grams of protein, which is the highest amount I’ve seen among commercially available bars.

I don’t remember offhand what the calorie count is; I want to say is 300 per bar. Sugars and carbs aren’t bad, as I recall.

They’re not terribly expensive; I can get them for around six bucks for a package of five. The only sticking point is availability; while the shakes are usually available most anywhere, I have a hard time finding the bars regularly.

I looked a little more into the Meal ProBars. The protein and fiber counts weren’t so impressive, so I skimmed over it originally. But looking at the ingredients, it’s really impressive how much real food they pack into those bars. There are fruits and vegetables and probiotics and a bunch of other real food. That’s pretty impressive. Now I understand the price.

Thanks for the tip.

Looking at the packaging, it was the regular bars. I’ll look into the Builder’s Bars. Thanks for pointing that out.

Interesting thought! I couldn’t do that particular one. I’m lactose intolerant and most of that protein comes from milk concentrate.

But it’s an idea worth considering if I can find the right drink. Thanks for the idea. I’m loving the great ideas I’m getting and the array of options.

Thanks. Those look pretty good. They do have whey protein but that might work for me. Where do you normally get them? I haven’t seen them before.

It depends. The one place I’ve been able to find them semi-consistently is Wal-Mart, but even then they’re not always there, or not always in stock.

Thanks. I just checked out They have the double chocolate crunch and yogurt peanut crunch for about $7 and the salted caramel for about $5.50. Maybe you could get it shipped to you or your store?