Please, Sir, I want some MODOK!

So this dropped today and I’ve watched the first episode. Not suprisingly at all, Patton Oswalt gives good head. And it looks like it is going to be filled with deep-catalog Marvel easter eggs. (The first episode includes Fing Fang Foom and Lila Cheny.)

I heard good things about this, so I hope it’s going to be enjoyable for people like me who aren’t huge Marvel super fans. I found the Harley Quinn animated series with Kaley Cusco as the voice of Harley to be surprisingly good.

I watched the first two episodes on Patton’s live Twitter feed the day before, with commentary before and after each episode. It has got that “Robot Chicken” vibe I love.

I watched the first episode the other night. It was entertaining for the most part but needs a few episodes to grow legs. Patton Oswalt is great voicing MODOK so no complaints there. I can’t figure out where I’ve heard the voice of the silver robot thing before. The one that kinda looks like Ultron. His voice is familiar.

That is Jon Daly as Super Adaptoid.

BTW, Patton Oswalt was also a writer on a recent 4-issue M.O.D.O.K. Comic series.

I told a friend “If you love Robot Chicken, try it for an episode. If you hate Robot Chicken, try it for ten minutes.”

(I figured either way, he’d hear MODOK ask Iron Man if he’s bingeing The Great British Baking Show while fighting…)

I’ve only watched one episode so far, but it reminded me of SuperMansion (a show that I liked-but-didn’t-love, also from the Robot Chicken team).

I binged all ten episodes in a single night. Loved it.

Ironically, I’m not a fan of Robot Chicken.

An article explaining a few of the characters from the season. They used some really obscure ones. (My favorites were the teenage party murder turtles.)

I am proud/shamed that not not a single one of those villains were obscure to me. :grin:

I would really love it if Gwenpool or Howard the Duck showed up in season 2, if there is one. (Howard didn’t deal with M.O.D.O.K., but he did face M.O.D.O.T.)

They were definitely pulling some deep cuts and out of Modok’s crew, the only one I knew was Armadillo. I had never heard of the Ciegrimites but I knew exactly who the Brood were. For the most part, the only Marvel titles I read as a kid were Spider-Man, X-Men, and mutant related titles on a regular basis. It’s easy to forget both Marvel and DC have a stable of characters most casual fans will haven ever heard of.

Same here. Except I didn’t even have Spidey–it was pretty much all-mutants, all the time.

I finished watching all the episodes. I thought it improved after the first episode, but it was still a little uneven. I liked it more than SuperMansion, but less than Harley Quinn (say).

MODOK’s figure skating daughter made me wonder if it was a reference to this old comic (with MODOFS, the Mental Organism Designed Only for Figure Skating):

Jeez, that took a dark turn at the end, didn’t it?

I have a question about that.

Are we supposed to understand that MODOK sat and allowed past-MODOK to kill his family because he knew it was the only way to achieve world domination, or is it rather that he realized he could do nothing to prevent it?

I enjoyed the whole season. I think the screaming goats were a high point for me. What surprised me is that it actually tried to tell a cohesive story, and… It worked.

I think he allowed it, then regretted it.

This is really quite funny. I’ve always loved the absurdity of MODOK.

wait… there’s MODAM? The Ms. Pac-Man version of MODOK? :exploding_head:

I would love to watch this but I’m more than a little pissed that it’s in Hulu and not Disney+. Disney+ is sold as the home of all things Marvel…but some piece of shit bean counter didn’t see enough people opting into the stupid bundle and here we are. Wouldn’t it be nice if just once you could actually get what you pay for?

IIRC, the deal for this show was inked before Disney+ was a thing. It was one of the last productions out of Marvel Television before it got folded into the film department.