Podcast Recommendation Time Again!

(I think podcasts fit in better with Cafe Society than IMHO but it could have gone either way…)

I’m doing some traveling starting next week and while usually I’d load up my MP3 player with my favorite podcasts all of them seem to be on hiatus for holidays (the lazy bums). So I’m in the market for some new podcasts to try.

Sure we do this thread about once every three months (and I’ve gotten great recommendations before) but the end of the year seemed like a good moment to bring it out again.

So my preference would be for something informative, entertaining, and well produced. I won’t narrow things down more than that because I don’t want to close off options and I’m sure that other people will appreciate the recommendations even when it’s something I wouldn’t like. So toss me some options…

Skeptiod, definitely.

Erm, let’s see…I also listen to Darker Projects (there are several stories to choose from), Scott Sigler (more audiobooks for free), The atheist experience, 60 second science/psychology, philosophy bites, APM market place, BBC, and that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

Although, there was an entertaining ‘university lecture’ about zombies that I listened to recently. I think it was the university of alabama or something. The people discussed zombie films.

I’ll give a shout out to a friend of mine, Gina, from high school:
The Pretty Good Podcast. It’s, well, pretty good.

I’ve suggested it before. . .
I’m a huge fan of the Liam Lynch podcast Lynchland.

. . . a repost from an earlier discussion:

If you don’t know him by name, some “Oh, that guy!” references:
Liam Lynch was co-creator and co-star of the 90’s MTV Show Sifl and Olly.
He had some radio play with his song United States of Whatever, here he is playing it live with Dave Grohl on drums.
He did some work with Tenacious D, including directing their film Pick of Destiny.
He’s done some work with Sarah Silverman, including directing her film Jesus is Magic.
If you’ve never seen any of his video podcasts, I highly recommend them. They’re free on iTunes and you can watch them on his website liamlynch.net. There’s some serious funny going on here.

Music, animations, puppets- usually just him in front of a green screen he’s got set up at his house. Sometimes with guest appearances, often we see Matt Croco- his partner from Sifl and Olly.
Some highlights courtesy of YouTube:[ul]
[li] Here’s an animation he did for a spoken word piece by “experimental musician” Dan Deacon called Drinking out of Cups[/li][li] Liam interviews the Three Little Pigs[/li][li] Here we see him as a frustrated suburban goth trying to launch his music career by writing local T.V. commercials.[/li][li] I really laugh at these two flies Jerry and Pete.[/li][li] “Night Life” episode explores nocturnal animals including the Shock Worm.[/li][li] Liam Spends a Day with Ringo![/li][/ul]

How Stuff Works has a few different podcast feeds that are excellent, on varying topics to choose from.

I am a fan of Dan Savage and his column. He has a podcast here and I thought episode 165 was hilarious.

It’s about sex. You’ve been warned.

My favorites:
The Dinner Party Download - short, funny, topical
The Bugle - John Oliver’s podcast (with some other guy :slight_smile: )
The Classic Tales podcast - reading of classic short stories, good selection
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History - really informative and interesting, focuses on bits of history; the ones on the Black Death & the Mongols were both really good
The Moth podcast - people telling stories
Scientific American podcast
Slate Magazine Daily podcast - I listen to the political gabfest and the culture gabfest
Stop Podcasting Yourself - funny program from Canada, relaxing listening
Straight Dope podcast - of course
Stuff You Missed in History Class and Stuff You Should Know - both from the How Stuff Works people. They recently changed the people doing the history one and it’s become a bit annoying, but the topics are still interesting
WNYC’s Radio Lab - my all-time favorite; covers science-y topics in a hugely entertaining and interesting way. Oliver Sacks is a frequent guest.