Poll: How you like your chocolate (as a function of age) (milk/dark;frozen)

When I was young I ate chocolate as such: I would buy a candy bar, take the wrapper completely off, grip it with the fingers of both hands near the bottom, and keep my fingers in that spot while I ate it, thus allowing my fingers to melt into it. I ate the whole bar down to my fingers and then, my favorite part, licked the mostly liquid milk chocolate off. Mmmm mmmm good.

I only ate milk chocolate, (I hated the bitterness of dark) and I liked it warm and melty.

Now at 25, I don’t like milk chocolate much at all. I’m still a mega-chocoholic but strongly prefer dark, and strongly prefer it frozen. MMmmmm mmmmm, oh baby.

and you? (please include age (or approx. period of life if you wish) as well as preference for milk vs. dark and frozen vs. room temp. vs melty or whatever)

Age - over 40.
Type of chocolate - always milk chocolate (except semi-sweet is okay in chocolate chip cookies).
Preferred temperature - room.

When I eat chocolate, I bite off a piece of it and hold it in my mouth until it’s half or 3/4 melted, then chomp the last bit.

Well, I am 19 years old. As a kid I was probably the only ten year old who hated milk chocolate, and far prefered dark chocolate. I like it best frozen. I think that the coolness adds a lot. I hate it when it is melty. That is way too messy for my taste. The best is Dark chocolate ice cream bars. Yummmmm… :smiley:

Since I started learning how to cook, I found one of the best motivators was that I’d get to make my own desserts (drool).

But let’s keep it simple. Hot chocolate. Melt the chocolate in a pan (I prefer Hershey’s that’s sold in the grocery store baking aisle), add cream and a touch of vanilla. Drink.

I don’t have the proportions as I’m moving and the books are packed away, but the title was “Death by Chocolate,” and the rush was so strong that one was more than enough. Plus, you don’t have to mainline it into the vein, but it’s the same effect.

As a kid I was an M&M kinda girl. That was before red M&M’s got banned. Is that close enough to revealing my rue age? Now the reason for the M&M thing is because I hate anything that gets all messy n gooey on my hands.

As an adult, I don’t much care for chocolate. If I do have some it is Milk Chocolate, especailly warm n gooey in a fresh out of the oven cookie.

Now a kiss I like to just let melt on my tongue. I’ll let you figure out if I’m talking chocolate or not. :smiley:


I like dark chocolate, at room temperature. I think cold chocolate has less flavor. I have always liked dark chocolate best, although my favorite candy as a kid was Brach’s Chocolate Jots (think M&M’s, only much better), which were milk chocolate. Come to think of it, I actually eat more milk chocolate, but when I think of really good, special candy, it’s dark chocolate.

Okay, here’s mine:

Age: 36

Chocolate preferences: Milk chocolate (although I like semi-sweet almost as much. I don’t like white chocolate. Dark is okay as long as it’s in small quantities).

Temperature preference: frozen. I don’t like it melty except in chocolate chip cookies. One of my favorites is frozen Hershey bars (no almonds–almonds are for heathens :slight_smile: )

I also like M&M’s, but not frozen.

I’m 18, and I much prefer dark chocolate (almonds or peanuts an optional bonus). Milk chocolate is too sweet to eat more than a little at a time. As for temperature, I prefer room temperature over frozen (exept for Rolos: the carmel is best when frozen!!), but find either acceptable. What I cannot tolerate is melty chocolate, unless in brownies or cookies (ew, sticky!).

While I’ve preferred dark chocolate for as long as I can remember, I was able to enjoy milk chocolate a lot more than I currently can. Maybe I was just used to excessively sweet foods.

My M&M’s opinion: they were good until they put the blue ones in. While no one I know agrees with me, I swear the blue ones taste funny, a bit more bitter and chemically. It’s probably just in my head of course.

Even in my youth, I preferred dark chocolate- chocolate chips straight out of the bag were a favorite, and I always begged them when Mom was making cookies.

Now that I’m older, I’ve discovered bittersweet chocolate, hard as it is to find in my town, and I’m a convert.

Milk chocolate is only for emergencies when dark chocolate is unavailable.

I wonder what straight cocoa bean tastes like?


It absolutely has to be dark. I’ve always preferred dark. I like everything dark. Whole wheat, brown rice, dark chocolate, black coffee, black tea . . . women from India . . . you get the idea.

I’m 41 now but I’ve preferred dark chocolate ever since I was a kid. I don’t think much about temperature in relation to chocolate (except that I like Mexican mole sauce hot with melted dark chocolate).

FisherQueen, you want to try cacao bean? I suggest you check out ChocoLove. One of their bars has fragments of actual cacao beans embedded in the chocolate. They also make the most intensely dark dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted. (It’s my cousin’s company. :slight_smile: What are you waiting for? Go and buy some!!!)

“The true elite prefer dark chocolate, these days known as pure dark…”
From “Chocolate’s Darker Side” - Time Magazine, July 17, 2000

My experience matches Moe’s. Kid - milk chocolate and chocolate milk. Now (39), frozen dark is my preference, although I still like some milk choc, if it’s got nuts.

FisherQueen, your wondering about straight cocoa bean reminded me of something. Once I got hooked on dark and bittersweet, I thought the next step would be the unsweetened chocolate they have in the baking aisle at the market. Baker’s brand, comes in a big bar. My mother warned me that it wouldn’t be what I thought it would. But I had to try it myself. Mom was right. One of the few things I ever spit out, it was that bad.

I’m 18 and I’ve liked dark chocolate since I was 12. Before then, milk chocolate, and I’ve always hated white chocolate.

Frozen. Dark. That’s it.
However, Hershey has a Symphony bar with coffee bits and almonds…it’s to die for.

Or with nuts.
Or pain au chocolate.
Or syrup for a quickie.
Or in chocolate chip cookies with pecans.
Or chocolate-dipped biscotti with a cuppa french roast.
Or chocolate souffle with whipped cream like in that famous restaurant in West LA where all the stars come in to scarf down this manna from heaven.

As you can see, this list is endless…

My own preference is for dark chocolate, as dark and bitter as possible, but I will eat (almost)anything, (hence the name).

I did discover something once though: Over here in the Uk, we have a chocolate bar called Yorkie - it’s just a very chunky, very rich milk chocolate bar, but I discovered (by accident) that if you leave it in the sunshine to melt, then chill it in the fridge until it’s solid again, it transforms the taste and texture into something entirely wonderful.

My Mom always liked dark chocolate, and as far as I can remember I always preferred it, especially if I’m eating it straight - milk chocolate is OK on some things, but a plain milk chocolate candy bar is unappealing to me. I’m 28, BTW.

One of the best sensations in the world is drinking some cold 2% milk after eating a bite of dark chocolate.

I’ll take chocolate in just about any form or flavor, temperature depends upon the item - like hot fudge on slightly melty ice cream. Generally, I prefer chocolate candy at room temp or ever so slightly cool, but I won’t refuse it if it’s soft and gooey.

Hi, I’m Michelle, and I’m a chocoholic…

Pushing 40. I’m pretty slutty when it comes to chocolate - I’ll eat anything if it’s covered in any kind of chocolate. High quality, low quality - doesn’t matter.

I have a couple of ways I like to eat chocolate: first, I take a piece of a Caramilk bar (milk chocolate covering caramel,) put it in my mouth, and take a sip of hot black coffee (no sugar.) I let the coffee dissolve the Caramel until it’s a runny mass of caramel, chocolate, and coffee. It’s like an angel pissing on my heart.

I also like to eat dark chocolate while drinking dry red wine. It’s amazing, the combinations of flavours.


Dark chocolate, room temperature, slowly nibbled, licked, and swirled around on my tongue so my entire mouth is coated. Eating really good chocolate is almost an orgasmic pleasure for me. I have to say that I’ve been known to moan and sigh over a good piece of chocolate. My friend’s husband has banned me from eating dark chocolate covered strawberries around him for just that reason.

Thank you! I mentioned that combination to someone the other week and they looked at me like I was nuts. Godiva dark chocolate truffles and a glass of a nice cabernet sauvingnon: Heaven!