Poll: Puppy Breath

I find puppy breath insanely sweet and delicious. If they could bottle or otherwise capture it, I would just sniff it every time I was feeling down.

I also adore dogs, they are my favorite species of life, and that includes humans.

I have met some people who found it offensive, and this amazed me.

I wonder how much one’s response has to do with one’s general feeling about dogs?


Wait for poll.

How do you feel about puppy breath and about dogs in general:

I love the smell of puppies in general, not only their breath. It’s kind of a sweet+dirty aroma. I can see how that could be off-putting to some people.

As far as how I feel about them, I like them a lot, probably love them even, but am not good at caring for them long-term. No excuses, just too lazy.

It smells like Cheerios. I wish I had a puppy…

(I just took a poll - while all three residents of the People’s Republic of Munch want a puppy, two of those three are other dogs, and they’ll vote for anything I do on the assumption there’s a treat/bribe for doing so.)

I think dog’s breath smells like the indiscriminate omnivores they are: definitely not pleasant. Somewhere between dog food and rotting garbage, depending on how they’ve been amusing themselves. I like dogs, but I like other people’s dogs best of all. Generally, I think dogs can smell unpleasant with a very disctinct “doggy” smell, just a baseline unpleasantness. I think cats smell “clean” but no matter how much I love my kittehs, their breath is gross.

I like the smell of horses, and I know a lot of people don’t, so I do get it. Dog smell just doesn’t do it for me.

Love puppies and their breath!

Puppy breath is the smell of innocence. LOVE IT!! And I love dogs in general, tho adult dog breath, not so much.

We’re talking about puppy breath, which is completely different. :slight_smile: My dog has horrific breath, but I miss her puppy breath.

We have a very affectionate dog, that licks directly on our faces, particularly lips and nose area. She’s a bichon, and her tongue is about the size of my thumb.

I gotta admit, I love her affectionate kisses, and don’t mind her breath in the least. Puppy breath is adorable.

I work in a vet. hospital, whenever a puppy comes in we all have to squee over it and smell its puppy breath. You never get tired of that.

I love my dog, but he does smell like a dog, almost always. Some days more than others. (On those days, he gets a bath, so then for awhile he smells like a WET dog, which is worse.)

My cats always smell good.

One of my cats has terrible breath, licks himself all over–and still smells good. How does he do that?

Also, I’m another one that likes the smell of horses. I wouldn’t bottle it and wear it as perfume or anything, but I like horses and like their smell.

ETA: When I took my puppy to puppy play time, one of the trainers grabbed him and picked him up and said, “Whee! He still has new-puppy breath!” I guess I am physically incapable of noting that new-puppy smell. All I noticed was that his breath was not offensive–in other words, no dog breath. Yet.

Exactly. Puppy breath is strongest while the puppy is still exclusively nursing. As the weaning process begins, it starts to diminish. The oldest puppy I can remember still having a detectable level of puppy breath was about 12 weeks.

I love dogs, but I hate puppies. Once they get past the unhousebroken, chewing-everything, jump-all-over-you stage, they’re delightful.

On the other hand, I love kittehs at any age.

Puppy breath is better than flowers, fresh air or baked breads. Lurrrrrrrrve it!


I never heard of the phenomenon. But I’ve never had a puppy. My mom and dad were cat-people and so am I.

I like puppies well enough, they’re cute. But cats always smell good. Anytime I’m sad, burying my face into the side of a tolerant cat while hugging it always makes me feel a little better.

Your’e missing out, rachel. Next time you have an opportunity to get up close and personal with a puppy of 9 weeks or younger, do it. And let them lick your face, your nose. If a smell can be cute or adorable, puppy breath is it.

Oh. I’ve known plenty of puppies but none who weren’t weaned. Of those that I’ve known who were weaned, their breath smelled exactly like the breath of a dog, maybe a bit less pungent but still gross.

Then again I see nothing appealing in the smell of babies, so maybe I’m just a cold-hearted smake.

No, if that’s what it smelled like you’ve never smelled it. It’s extremely distinctive and not like dog at all.

My dog’s breath smelled like toast when he was a puppy. It’s sad that it smells like dragon’s arse now.

I don’t think I’ve ever smelt it.

[ralph] My dog’s breath smells like dog food. [/ralph]