Poll: Thoughts of sex with acquaintances

Consider the number of people from the opposite sex you have met more that a few times: acquaintances, colleagues, etc.

With how many of them has the thought of sex with them crossed your mind?

(Not necessarily something you wanted to pursue; even just a fleeting “what if” thought counts)

a) Less than one or two.
b) With a few of them
c) With most of them

Please also indicate your gender.

I’ll start
Male, c)

Male, and probably c) at one time or another. For lots of them it’s simply been when sitting around with a group of male friends over drinks. You know, one will ask “What about Suzie. Would ya do her?” and you go around the table getting answers.

If it’s actual, serious thought about the idea and all it’d entail, I’d say only a handful.

Male, c)

Male, c

Male c) or better. If I interact with a female for a period of time, the thought will pop into my head at some point. Even if it on the same plane as, “I wonder what my grandmother looks like naked.” I get the ewww factor out of my head and then the thoughts stop, but it will come up at least once.

Male, c

Noticing a pattern here?

Somewhere between B and C for me. I work with nearly all males, so no not every colleague, but generally those I interact with a lot? Sure.


Female, c). I work with a lot of really cute young guys and the thoughts just cross my head quite often… :wink:

Male, c. My best friend and I would talk about it over a couple of beers when it was just us guys.

We’d also share our skeevy lust for friends of friends that we knew were single and attractive. “So did you hear B broke up with her boyfriend?” “Oh reeeealy?” “Hey don’t get any ideas, I saw her first” “Ha, in your dreams, she’s probably got the whole Bay Area chasing after her” :slight_smile:

Female, c).

I think about sex a lot.

Female. B+. In other words, more than ‘a few,’ but a lot less than ‘most.’

Ditto, except for I’m male.

Male, c).

Male, c).

Male. c).

Aaannndd another male, c).

Male: C Probably choice D if it was available!

Well, a) should properly be fewer than one or two, not less than. :wink:

Female, and b). And I’d say a solid b), not a b) tending toward c).

so…um…how you doin?

…and…where you workin?
by the way. male. and c.

it’d be d or e if there were such choices.

Male, b.