Poll: Thoughts of sex with acquaintances

Female, B - mainly a case of “If I wasn’t married, I could be interested in pursuing something with him.” There haven’t been that many, and the older I get, the less interested I am in having to train another one… :smiley:

Male and C.

We are all, of course, familiar with Ladder Theory?

Fine, thanks… and in a call center. Call center employees tend to be about evenly distributed between scary lard elementals of either sex and really, REALLY cute young people, also of either sex. I keep my thoughts to myself, though, because very many of these cute young things are way younger than my kids so it’s kinda skeevy to be thinking dirty thoughts about them. They all think I’m this nice, fluffy, soccer mom type who hasn’t had or thought about sex since the Reagan era–I tend not to go out of my way to disabuse the little dears of their preconceptions because sometimes what I’m thinking about just flies out on its own and I relish the :eek: :eek: :eek: looks I get…

Freaking the kiddies just gets better the older I get… :wink:

Male, C. How on earth do any of us get any work done?

We’re supposed to work, too? :smack:

Female. I guess it would be C) if you count really quick, less than a second, fleeting type thoughts.

Male, c)

Male - C.

And isn’t that the theory that we like to see women on ladders because we can then peek up their skirts?


Male, and it’s gotta be c).

Male, c).

Female, happily married with children.

A (but it was a REALLY strong crush, got the girlie bits all excited and tingly!)

Female. A.

What you are all saying, I find alarming. Now I can’t stop wondering how many people I know have thought of banging me :eek:

If they’re male people, all of them.


Female, c).

I love men, and find all kinds of them attractive enough to at least consider doing. :slight_smile:

Male, c)

I think we have a pattern.

Well, I would have assumed that all females past the age of puberty and not falling into the bottom percentile on the attractiveness scale would have noticed that, though most men try to be polite enough not to make it obvious.

Oh, and male, married, old enough to get a “senior citizen” discount at some places, and definitely a C. (Though I would never actually cheat on my wife outside my fantasies).

As others have said, there’s a good chance almost every (straight) male you have met has thought about it. That’s not to say they still think about it, but it does seem to be a natural male instinct, when he first meets a woman, to ask himself “would I do her?” in his head.

Female here, and I’m a definite C. I rarely have full hot-n-heavy fantasies about people I actually know, but the thought of sex with just about every male I know has crossed my mind in one form or another. Often, it’s someone I would never actively want to have sex with … like my dentist. One should not have such thoughts while getting a root canal. And my dentist isn’t even hot or anything.

I wasn’t even thinking about SDMB members, dammit, now I have to add those to my list too. :wink:

Another female, C.

And FRM- we’re just talking about opposite sex here. I’m sure some of the women you’ve encountered in life have thought about doing you, too.