Poll: Where the heck are you gonna go?

For those who aren’t staying: where will you go?

FTR, I’m staying (as if anyone cared…), but my problem is this: I include a link to GD from the website for the classes I teach, and I sometimes encourage my little padawans to go there to learn some of the basics of intellectual discourse (“See! No one will believe you without cites!”). I don’t think a lot of them do, but it’s something I was thinking of encouraging a bit more vocally.

With the SDMB going pay, that will be less practicable, and I will be left without a useful teaching tool. I’ve never found a place that can approach GQ/GD for 1) breadth of issues addressed, 2) wide variety of people 3) quality of intellectual discourse, yet still fun and fairly easy to read. I started a thread in ATMB once for suggestions on places like the SDMB, but never got anything that was really useful for me. Hopefully this thread will.

So: those who shall depart, whence shall ye go? Is there a place that is “almost as good” for you?

They will still be able to read the boad.
They will even be able to post for 30 days if they feel like wetting their feet in the “intellectual discourse” :slight_smile:

Problem solved.

I’m going to go outside.

What is this outside of which you speak?

I think it’s this semi-mythical place where one goes when you’ve Done the Great Log-off and no longer access the SDMB…

I’ve never seen it and question its existence…

Well, in your case the $4.95 is tax deductible …lucky bastard.

It’s the big blue room, dad. The one with that pool that they never keep at a decent temperature.

Not if I can’t use it for my classes, it ain’t.

Just out of curiosity, how much money would you save by deducting that from your taxable income?

No idea. I’ve never itemized in my life. $1.50?

I like that pool! Who put that big ore freighter in it?

Half the time there’s this really bright thing that hurts to look at and can burn your skin. Really dangerous.

Aren’t there some spin-off BBs from this site that are still free to access? I haven’t spent much time on them myself (I think some of them are open only to people who are invited) but that might be an option.

Just be careful. If you decide to keep talking about this site in your class once it goes to pay-to-post, you don’t want anyone to think that promoting this site in your lectures is a money-making scheme for you or anything. I am guessing that would be frowned upon.