Poll: Who's watching the debate tonight?

I’ll have it on, but since I have work to do it won’t be getting my undivided attention.

Probably not. I’m a bit election-weary already. But it’s been going on for more than a year already! Enough! I can’t take any more!

Will be totally tuned in - although the stated focus is foreign policy cleary the economy must be the main issue.

And since there are so many *actual *complexities - e.g., what type of immediate and longer-term actions are required for economy? - and *manufactured *complexities - e.g., What does McCain have to say about his nuttiness over the past couple of weeks? - I suspect it will be…lively.

Depends on if I get home in time.

Nope, not watching–got a raid in WoW tonight :wink:

Absolutely. Going with the SO to a Democratic debate viewing party.

We’re hosting a debate party, so we’ll be watching on two TVs and having lots of great snacks and wine!

I love turning politics into a party!

Yes, we will be watching. Pizza, beer, and wings will be served.

I’m going to try to remember to have the TV on, but I’ll be doing other things at the same time.

I’ve purposely avoided much of the hoopla to date, opting instead to let this have a greater part in my decision making.

I might end up watching it, as Hubby is off to deer camp.

I was planning to watch it in a general sense, but now that the day is actually here, I’m more in the mood to take a hot bath with a good book this evening. I will probably watch anyway, but right now at this moment it’s feeling like an obligation.

Off and on, probably. I expect we’ll have plenty of opportunities to see the high and low points over the next week or so.

Yes, although it starts at 3 AM, about the least convenient time imaginable.

Watching and taking notes. It’s a nice side benefit of going home for a Dopefest, as I don’t have a TV at school.

(I didn’t intend to take notes last time, but I just had to write down some of the things they said, and I figure tonight will be no different.)

My local theater is showing the debate.
There is only one screen in my town so that is what is on for the Friday night movie.
It will be packed full I bet.

I wont be watching it there. I will likely tape it and watch most if it later.

I’m trying to find a place to watch it tonight as I type this. No cable at home so I need to find someone who will be home or a bar that will have it on.

I think we should all have it on live feed, and make pithy comments in this thread. :wink:

I’ll be watching it live (VCR useless) in glorious black and white (color TV set busted) on PBS (one out of three ain’t bad).

I’ll be watching it with my parents.