Ponder Stibbons, Front and Center, Please!

I’ve been wondering about Ponder’s name for some time now. Hmmm, say I, it sounds like a Pilgrim name to me. A Pilgrim who looks like Benjamin Franklin (I know, wrong era and all) with one of those black hats with the brim that curls up and in on the sides.

So, this evening I turned to my friend Google, that great disabuser of odd notions, and looked it up. I found out that Ponder Stibbons is a character in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. And I found this page where Ponder has been memorialized in crochet. Just thought I’d share.

I also know what I want to read next. :slight_smile:

Search for Pratchett threads and learn, Grasshopper. :smiley:

Or go to Lspace.org and play.

Or best of all, just start reading the series. I personally suggest Mort as a good beginning point. :wink:

A good start. I’m in the midst of The Last Continent right now, in which Ponder Stibbons is a major player.