poor choices...I makes them

For the last hour and a half I have been playing virtual scrabble with my boyfriend on facebook. This is always a fun way to spend an hour or two so we play pretty regularly, but tonight instead of just playing scrabble I also decided I wanted some cheese and crackers. I opened up a block of cheddar and a box of triscuits and turned my focus to the game.

Now that the game is over I turned to clean up my mess and realized that I have eaten an entire block of cheddar cheese without being aware of it. I am going to be so sick in a couple of hours and about 4 lbs heavier tomorrow, but dammit cheddar is just so good and scrabble is just so distracting I couldn’t stop myself! Help make me feel better by posting your recent poor choices, dietary or otherwise.

And here is an explanation of the thread title for those who don’t understand it.

When you’re livin’ on the edge, there’s a price to be paid :wink:

I occasionally crack and pick up a big bag of pizza-flavored combos. Once we’re in the house together, I figure it’s self-defense. Oh, and PB pretzels (cue theme from “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”).

Alternate title: I can haz cheez block?

Cheddar cheese and Triscuits? Yum! Even better with booze and a book. I could have been you, oh, so easily.

Have you tried the new Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits?

Well your timing couldn’t have been better. I’m sitting here eating Wheat Thins and a Hershey bar right this very moment. <sigh>

Poor choices, indeed.:frowning:

You mean the Crack, Pepper, and Olive Oil Triscuits?

Yeah, I’ve tried those.

Oh yes, they are very tasty! Triscuits are the most delicious of all snack crackers and the flavored ones are pretty good as well, except the sun dried tomato and basil ones. Those are not tasty at all.

I make poor choices. Like just the other day I was playing a video game and every now and then I would get up and get one or two chocolate chip cookies from the pack of Chips Ahoy! on the desk near me.

When I finished playing and was going upstairs to get some real food, I realized I had eaten the whole damn pack of cookies. :smack:

I have a box of the Pepper and Oil ones right here beside the bed.

Or rather, I have the box… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sun dried tomato. Bleagh.

Rosemary & Olive Oil OTOH… :smiley:

Now, I’m no expert on cheese and crackers, 'cept that I can eat a bunch of them , but I am wondering if you decided on your Holloween costume?

Hows that for a run on sentence?

I think I am going to stick socks, underwear, and a few dryer sheets all over me and go as static cling.
Dumb, I know, but easy.
It won’t interfere with my drinking and that is important.

We did. My boyfriend is going to get an FDNY shirt and I am going to get a red dress and some crepe paper and be “fire” for halloween. I think my boyfriend liked this idea best so that he could make references to his giant hose all night! :smiley:

Hey, at least cheese is good for you.

Hmm. I think the effect of the triscuits will cancel out the effects of the cheese.

It’s the cheddar cheese/pretzel Combos for me. I always tell myself to walk away from the bag, don’t even buy the damn things. Man they trip my snacking trigger.

Dammit, you people! Now I’m all hungry. And I’m at work. And it’s 9AM.

And my knee gave out on the way here so walking to get a bagel is out of the question. :frowning:

The righteous one (me!) is eating a banana now. I’ll save my poor choice for a little later.

I was really suprised when they came out with those ‘single serving’ size of Pringles cans, because I’m pretty sure the regular size is a single serving.

Way too hot for me. My mouth, it burns!

Diet Mountain Dew.

I can (and sometimes do) drink four 20 oz. bottles in a day. That CAN’T be healthy.

But I could quit any time I wanted. :smiley: