Pop under query

I have noticed this ad coming up as the pop under on the SD’s main page and am curious. I wouldn’t ask anyone to do this (Especially since I am not) but has anyone taken the bait to find out what Hillary’s cruel revenge is?

Is she taking them to that pizza shop basement and whacking them with campaign signs? Has she called them deplorables again? Inquiring minds want to know.

A few weeks ago the pop unders were push polls. Those I was willing to to go through and answer their questions. On being made to provide an email address at exit, I created suckmydickdonnie@<mydomain>.com just to see if they would use it to send stuff. It’s a forwarding account so I will see it if they do but so far, nobody has. :frowning:

This Reddit thread is called Saved You A Click and is meant to answer questions such as this. (Although I checked briefly and didn’t see this ad mentioned there.)

Ah. Thank you for that; I’ll save it for future reference.

Not a bad name for a racehorse.

If you click to watch the video, it opens a new tab to play it. Like most of these types of ads, if you close the new tab, you will see a transcript of the video.

Here is my summary: An evil Cartel has been plotting Hillary’s rise to power for decades now. This cartel has been paying the FDA to approve prescription drugs.

The ad goes on to explain that herbal remedies and something called “sour honey” can cure these diseases without the awful side effects of the drugs that Big Pharma and the FDA are pushing. But Big Pharma and the FDA have been keeping these secret, even though they are commonly prescribed by doctors in Europe.

I only skimmed it (it’s too long), but since BP and the FDA have been successful so far in keeping these remedies secret, it’s no clear to me why they needed Hillary.

But anyway, for $74 you get a one-year membership to the Health Sciences Institute. As a member, you get three FREE books:

So ENJOY everybody!

I keep mis-parsing this thread title. My first thought upon seeing it is always “Dammit, what did Pop do now?”

Am I the only one who enjoys how much these alt-right conspiracy theories read like a story pitch for another series of Comrade Detective? It would be hard to intentionally make up a more ridiculous narrative if you put the Coen Brothers, Tom Stoppard, Joseph Heller, and Thomas Pynchon in a room with a Fiasco game set and a bucket of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Apparently, Hillary Clinton is so badass that if you managed to put her in prison she would just tunnel out like Charles Bronson in The Great Escape, and Barack Obama is the covert operative the world has ever seen in fact or fiction, like Jason Bourne meets Doc Savage.


And she’s such a badass, but yet she managed to lose a no-lose election to the least experienced candidate in history.

That’s how clever she is! It’s all a part of her fiendishly evil plan to put the American people off balance so they never see her coming when she moves to put the United States under a totalitarian progressive LGBTQ dictatorship where Euclidian geometry is outlawed, everyone is required to dye their hair blue, and we all drive a Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid.

You may laugh (or cry) but like Loki, she is waiting in the wings to return and wreck havoc with her legions of alien soldiers and flying armored salamanders. Our only hope is Donald “Iron Belly” Trump and his ramshackle collection of fundamentalist avengers; Mike “White Lightining Power” Pence, Betsy “I’ll have to look that up” DeVos, Steve “Captain of the Long Con” Mnuchin, and of course, Ben “Furiously Napping” Carson.


Too long (18 letters/spaces max) and it also most likely violates a number of the Jockey Club rules, depending on the direction the owners were coming from.
6.F.6. Names of living persons unless written permission to use their name is on file with The Jockey Club
6.F.10. Names that are suggestive or have a vulgar or obscene meaning; names considered in poor taste; or names that may be offensive to religious, political or ethnic groups;
6.F.11. Names that appear to be designed to harass, humiliate or disparage a specific individual, group of individuals or entity; Then there’s the ultimate stopper, 6.G. In addition to the provisions of this Rule 6, the Registrar of The Jockey Club reserves the right of approval on all name requests.

Band name, though…

Thank you for taking the hit. So it’s a run of the mill supplemental ad, nothing political other than it is aimed at the more [del]gullible[/del] conservative members of the public out there.

When I log into Cox’s email webpage there are these annoying little banner ads that start up. Within a year after Obama took office they started coming up, Obama has done this for you… or Obama wants you to… and it would be for mortgage re-fi or some kind of insurance, mostly. The same ads are there but 19 months into Trump’s administration and I have not once seen his name evoked into getting you to refinance your house or buy something.