There is an ad for the snackpit on SDMB.

I just got a google ad for the snackpit, something about retards. :confused:

What’s the snackpit ? Sounds like a crap restaurant (but if it was, you’d see it at the Watford Gap Travel Services)

It’s an anonymous messageboard where people go to mock the SDMB and affiliated messageboards. The tagline in the ad is “Mommy wants you to point and laugh at the tards.”

It’s another message board devoted to pointing-and-laughing at the members of this board. Including sarcasm, lies, and downright disgusting comments.

Next in this roundabout discussion is pointing out how “they think we’re retarded, but they spend all their time making fun of us, how really reatarded is that?”
Now someone thought it would be funny to purchase an ad on Google to be displayed here. The joke being that it is supposedly a big rules violation to talk about what people are saying over there.

Well, that’s … enlightening. What an exciting life some people live.

Cheers, [del]mate[/del] both of you. I am now a more knowledgeable Scruff.


Where would this board be without the support of our advertisers?


ETA: The ad under the OP specifically offers

I think the idea may have come from the fact that another board legitimately started a Google ad, and it happened to show up on the SDMB. Unlike that board, the Snackpit has no legitimate purpose to advertise, since it only covers the SDMB and boards started by SDMB members.

As for me, I don’t see no stinkin’ ads :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone would be so kind as to send a screen shot of this ad, we’d be obliged.

TubaDiva at


There’s ads for Scientology, how to cheat on term papers, fake diets, malware ads, ads that play loud music and all kinds of anti-ignorance fighting (lulz) things, but Giraffe Board ads and Snackpit ads are the things Tuba wants screenshots for?


I know. “We can’t do anything about it” is the standard response about the more intrusive or malicious ads, but when GB and the snarkers place ads for the lulz, it looks like they’ll suddenly realize “oh yeah, we can block ads from certain advertisers in the Adsense control panel.”

Sorry, Tuba, but I gotta’ ask … what makes the ads from GB and the Snackpit worse than the audible or malicious ads?

I think it’s only fair to note that so far TubaDiva hasn’t said anything about blocking anyone.

If you logged out, wouldn’t you see what guests are seeing?

And crash the server?! Be gone with your madness!

Is there a reason why we’re calling it the Snackpit, and not the Snarkpit?

Well, you don’t know where each ad is. They come up randomly.

When mommy took it to Vb the URL changed and now it actually is the Snackpit, which is what everyone called it anyway. Although you won’t get there unless /s2 is appended to the URL.

There’s a link on the root page to S2.

Ah, must’ve got fixeded then…


Someone needs to grow a sense of humor.

ETA: In case it’s not clear, Sleeps has a fine sense of humor.

Oh, I figured they looked at keywords in the thread, so if you mention giraffe you’ll get the giraffe boards ad, and if you mentioned how much you’d like to enhance your penis you’d get that.