Pop-Under Tabs appearing in iOS Safari

I’ve noticed recently, maybe starting last week, that when I access SD Message Boards, every time I load a new page, an advertising tab appears under or next to the active SDMB tab.

This is happening on both my iPad (Air 2) and iPhone (8+) running iOS 12.0.1 using Safari. It does not happen on my Mac laptop.

My “testing” shows this only happens with the SD Message Board.

  • I can look at the daily questions etc and nothing appears, but as soon as I click on the “message board” link, I get a pop-under tab. Each time I click on a post = a new tab. Each click back to the main topic area = a new tab.
  • I’m active on a couple of other forum sites and checked for this and it doesn’t happen there.
  • It doesn’t happen on any other general sites I visit.

I’ve had “pop-ups” blocked in my iOS Safari settings for some time, and it’s still set to “on”.

Does anyone have this same issue? Any suggestions or solutions. It’s very irritating.


I’ve been getting the same thing for a while on Windows. I find it disconcerting, but less broken than the pop-up at the bottom of the page, which interferes with browsing. My only real objection is that I’ve been getting the same repeated ad since the technique was introduced.

Thanks for the comment - I was really hoping one of the Mods or Web admin might be able to comment since this is ONLY happening with SDMB.

That suggests to me that there is something specific about the SDMB website causing this.