Popular Weenie Has Been Returned! Well, Replaced. Not A Personal Medical Thread.

In THIS THREAD, we discussed the loss of South Carolina’s most popular Weenie.


The Ladies in town can speak of nothing other than this new Weenie, yet some still feel a sense of loss. Like the owner of the Missing Weenie, for example.

Your thoughts?

I must say, I am saddened and disappointed. This post has been up since 9:30 this morning, and not a single man-jack o’ you* has had the BALLS to make make a worthwhile “weenie” joke?

Saddened, I say.

Sorry. I’m just being a dick, I know.

  • [sub]Or man-jill. YMMV[/sub]

Last time he hires Lorena Bobbit as a sushi chef.

It was the phrase “electric weenie” that got me. Maybe it’s like electric kool-aid, but more … weenilicious.

Must be a typo

Nobody is stealing our town’s weenie