Portia de Rossi sorry for marrying Ellen DeGeneres

Portia is sorry she ever married Ellen. :slight_smile:

I think maybe the dog deserved an apology, but not from Portia. :smiley:

I believe you mean Portia Lee James DeGeneres.

Too funny.

She was great in the unfortunately-titled series, “Better off Ted”. She really brought the funny with what could have been a stilted, unfunny character in less able hands.

Of course, EVERYONE brought the funny in that show.

Is Ellen the butch in this relationship? Isn’t that how it works?

Yeah, that’s totally how it works. One girl is the boy, and farts, plays video games and drinks beer whilst the other is the femme, wears a pinny and scrubs the porch whilst massaging her ‘man’s’ giant ego.

You mean it’s not constant 3 ways with the pizzaman involving sausage based puns?:frowning: Porn you mislead me yet again! I’m gonna go quit my delivery job.

No, it’s usually the one who looks like the butch who is actually the femme.

Yup, that’s how it works.

Well, I’ll be darned. Just like my marriage.

About time one of them apologized. I worked with a bunch of them once. I caught a little bit of the gay and believe you me it hurt. I’m better now, thankfully. Darn nice of her to say she’s sorry, but the pain, it still lingers.


I can’t do YouTube at work and am idly curious what is actually said. Anyone care to paraphrase?

It’s a comedy bit from “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” She basically apologizes to all the anti-gay marriage protesters, for things like making them get paper cuts from holding up signs, and for making them wear stupid hats.

It’s her in a spoof on Jimmy Kimmel where she sarcastically apologizes to all the Prop 8 proponents for all the anguish her marriage has caused them.

Rossi mockingly apologizes for the pain her marriage has caused, singling out (and presumably making up names for) Prop 8 supporters. “I’m sorry that my marriage led you to suffer paper-cuts while holding up your anti-SSM sigh, for you catching pneumonia while protesting SSM in the rain, for being doomed to forever wear a stupid anti-SSM slogan hat…”

In a larger sense, I guess she could be apologizing for all the damage SSM (and her marriage in particular) has caused, if any such damage actually existed. Heck, in the various SSM debate threads, opponents are frequently asked what the harm of SSM actually is. Well, their nebulous fears have finally been offered some solace.

Ha! Thanks Bryan.

It’s also from March 2009. Not exactly breaking news. Not that it’s bad to bring up again, just for those who wonder why they’re not seeing references to it elsewhere.

Still working on trying to stop all those homosexuals from sucking your cock, dude?

Bad Kyla, cite! Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?

I wish I didn’t know that she changed her name to a pseudo-Italian one to sound more “exotic.”

The best is the dog, who she says is actually homosexual himself and being oppressed by having to wear a sign.