Portlandia Season 4

What no thread yet for season 4? Spoilers allowed, of course.

Episode 1: “Sharing Finances”.

Fairly amusing okay episode except for the main story. Ugh! The couple sharing a bank account thing was completely standard sitcom predictable crap. Not a shred of Portlandia in it. (Well, the hot tub return guy was kinda cool.)

The Kirsten Dunst opener was good except the mutterings of the ghosts was too hard to understand. Took too much effort to try and figure out what they were saying.

The 15 minute parking spot bit had some nice touches. Loved the quickie art analysis. The absurdity of faster and faster visits was fun.

The girl and the inspirational sign was solid Portlandia. Being routed thru a bunch of departments with vague guesses as to who was actually responsible is something that a lot of us have had to live with.

But the real topper was the post-date fact checker. Kumail Nanjiani is becoming the best recurring secondary player. Plus Tunde Adebimpe!

Pretty forgettable, overall. Not as good as the previous efforts. Funniest part for me was the old lady at the end of the “sign” segment.

What did she say? “Shut up, Bitch!” or something?

Is Season 4 in progress or over? I will watch it when it’s on Netflix or something similar.

What, Me Hurry?

Yeah, the ratio of funny to unfunny is now firmly in unfunny territory. I only watch it now b/c I live in Portland and like to see which neighborhoods, friends or businesses are in it.

For example, the corporate office where the computer made the inspirational signs is the main office of Weiden+Kennedy.

Yeah, I watch it for the neighborhoods and the local talent. Fred and Carrie seem to do the same shtick in different makeup quite a bit.

Episode 2: Ecoterrorists.

A good episode, but only by comparison to the previous one.

Wasted Olivia Wilde with just a single joke drilled into the ground.

The Sleep Coach bit was particularly awful.

Liked the slowly dawning self-awareness of the ecoterrorists about how lame they were. (And at least the main story was okay.)

Good to see Candace and Toni. But a long haul just to get to the joke about slow motion “sexy” carwashing.

The “Missed Hip Hop” part was good. Hey, even I know what “ODB” stands for.

I padded the recording by a minute and still got cut off way before the end. The woman who played the mom in the last part seems familiar, but don’t see anything else on IMDb that I’ve seen her in. The kid reminded me a wee bit of the kid in Moonrise Kingdom.

Next week: The return of Buscemi!

Agree with that. The Hip-Hop thing was kinda funny, but no real payoff.

Not sure if this thread is worth keeping going. Says something about how the show is doing.

Episode 3: “Celery”.

Buscemi saves the day.

The guy was just great. Really saved the weaker parts of the main bit. Not sure how “Portlandia” that was, but still mostly a joy to watch.

And Steve: I eat celery for breakfast every morning, so I got you covered man.

They’ve changed the start of the show a bit. In particular, the Porlandia statue is no longer shown. It was shown in the first show and a credit was given to the artist at the end of the show. Both are gone.

Let me explain: The artist is a complete jerk. Really wants absolute control over use of images of his statue. Which for a huge public piece of art on a municipal building is not going to work. So I’m glad to see the statue gone from the opening.

I dunno about that. I enjoy the show quite a bit, but given that it’s just individual skits without ongoing plots and so forth, I rarely have anything to say about it, other than “well, that was a good episode” or “that wasn’t such a good episode” or “that one skit was funny”.

In that respect, and given the producer, it’s the SNL of Thursday night.