Possible job lead-wish me luck!

The Half-Price Bookstore is interviewing people for positions this week, and I’m going to go over and see what’s up. I know, it’s only a retail position (right now, jobs in my field are slim pickin’s) but it’s a JOB, and it’ll get me out of the house and back on my feet again. Plus, it’s in a bookstore.

Keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer, cast a spell, good wishes-whatever’s your bag. Please. I so need this.


Cool stuff. Good karma to ye, Guin.

Many happy thoughts, and good wishes to you Kat!!!

I am agnostic, but for you even this lapsed Catholic will make a prayer for you!


[sub]I will even cast a spell![/sub] :smiley:

I love Half-Price books! Do you get an employee discount? Good luck!

Much luck, my friend.

A bookstore is a hell of a lot better than MickeyD’s. Good luck, Guin!

Good Luck, Guin!


Good luck! crossing my fingers

Good luck, Guin! I’m feeling positive about this one.

I hope you get what you want, Guin.

Wishing you luck, Guinastasia. You are due a break by now.

Rock the hell on, Guin. I’m totally pulling for you, in a symbolic, materialist sort of way. :slight_smile:

Hmm … only thing I really know how to do is run naked through threads…

::runs nekkid through thread, covering head with “Good Luck!” sign:: Don’t want to scare the kiddies with my face, after all;)

[sub]I’ve seen some really huge threads down here in SouthWest Virginia…[/sub]

I have an interview at 3:30!!!


How’d it go?

Best of luck, Guinastasia. I hope you get it and that everything works out.

I’m chanting as we speak.

Hope it went well, Guin!

Pretty well. They told me they’re interviewing others too, so if I don’t hear from them, call back in a day or so. Eeee!!!

If I get the job, it’s full time, and after so many weeks, I get full medical and dental. How freaking cool is THAT?
(But I’m trying not to think about it like I got the job. If only because I don’t want to get disappointed if I don’t. At least it’s a start…)

Sounds like a good job for you. I hope you get it.