Possible ways Lucas will screw up Episode Three:

Wrong. Peter Mayhew is most definitely alive, unless he died extremely recently. He was present at Celebration II, the release party for AotC.

While we’re on the subject, Anthony Daniels (C3PO), Frank Oz (Yoda’s voice and former master puppetteer), and David Prowse (Vader’s body) are all still alive too. In fact, in a recent interview Prowse indicated that he wanted to get back into the armor if the script for Episode III called for the Vader we’re used to.

True. (I should mention I desperately need sleep)
I guess I meant it from the traditional stance- like how Daniels and Baker are still C-3PO and R2-D2.

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Did I mention the title of Episode III will be “Ani, Get Your Gungan?”



How about these?

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A young, soon-to-be Grand Moff Tarkin played by Jude Law.

Jar Jar is killed by Darth/Anakin in a scene Lucas intends to be heart-wrenching.
Everybody cheers at the massacre, & the scene becomes the “feel-good” film of the year.

Lucas then sells pencils on the streetcorner for the next 20 years; & the final 3 episodes are directed by William Shatner with himself cast as Jedi-In-Chief.

Details, details.

Okay, so Lucas introduces Chewy and his son, Chewy Jr. The costumes from the Christmas special must be lying around someplace. :smiley:

How could Lucas screw up Episode Three?

  1. Writing it.
  2. Directing it.

How could Lucas screw up Episode Three?

  1. Writing it.
  2. Directing it.
    [/quote[HA! That’s hilarious…and, of course, so sadly TRUE.

ftr, I hated “Menace,” thought AOTC was painful (if neat looking, but loved the first two movies…so I’m not a Star Wars hater, nyah![/sub]

I’d like to see flashback scenes of Obi-Wan as a child, under Yoda’s training, brought up at several key points in the film. They would recall Obi-Wan at key crossroads in his life, and the choices he made, and he would remember them while seeing Anikin making all the wrong choices. Eventually he’d see Anikin as a lost cause, and the two would fight. Obi-Wan loses an arm, but strangely keeps his original hand :slight_smile:

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“Upon closer inspection, these are loafers.”


“From up here, they appear to be tied, but I will go in for a closer look.”

  1. Anakin’s turn to the dark side turned out to be caused by Jar Jar Blink’s accidentally making him bald in a chemistry class accident. He was wearing a wig all this time. Anakin dramatically takes the wig off as a final test before becoming a Darth.
  2. Yoda tells Obi-wan, “You stupid, Leia had the force, not Luke.”
  3. Princess A reads out loud a slash story between Anakin and Palpatine and thinks it is true.

What precisely is a Grand Mof?

Does Mof stand for something?

Maker of Fear?
Mother of Facsimilies?
Master of France?
Mythical Orfice Fuzz?
Murderous Orangatan Fabricator?

Does “Tarkin” mean “Diver” ?

He’s a bad mof-

Shut your mouth!

Talking about Grand Moff Tarkin.

We can dig it.

Mean Old Fart.