Possibly my strangest, certainly my most entertaining (to me), dream ever

I dreamt I was opening a chain of new businesses. There were two components. One part sells savings bonds – to cats. Another is a pawn shop – for cats. So they can sell their stuff, of course.

I remember that I got investors by claiming that cats’ savings were a great and as yet untapped source of revenue to the economy. I even remember that one cat pawned his diary – it had “Rwwwwr” embroidered on the cover.

I didn’t go to sleep drunk or high or using a new prescription, and at some point as I was waking up I started chuckling at the absurdity of it. I mean, within the dream, I was totally serious about it and people were looking at me as if I was the next Bill Gates, but coming out if it was like “WTFUCK were you thinking?”

Dreamt that I was supposed to say, “this baby will live, but the next one will die.” No idea who I was supposed to say it to.

I’m guessing someone who didn’t get their fortune cookie?
Maybe they didn’t tip.

Dawning recognition that Cats really do rule the world?

I’ve got a great idea for a chain of feline restaurants, and all I need is a couple of million in seed capital…

I find that adorable somehow.

That dream was the cat’s meow.