Possibly the worst TV commercial I have ever seen

I kept thinking it was a spoof of something until the very end:

It has a very SNL vibe, the way that the dialog matched the song in places. I know there’s a most-hated commercials thread, but this one was so bad that I thought it deserved special attention. Plus, this isn’t really a hated commercial (it’s not especially loud or annoying, it’s just really bad). The other values.com commercials are all pretty bad as well, but this one seemed especially bad. As Mr. Pinth-Garnell would say, very bad commercial. Truly terrible.

I’m sure no one notices, but I’m almost never on this site anymore. My new space at work makes it almost impossible to surf this wonderful site. I mention this only because after tomorrow, I may not be able to return to this thread much.

Anyway, watch and laugh, or cringe, or something.

I thought you were exaggerating, but yikes…that’s pretty in-your-face awful.

What the hell are they selling? Glurge pills?

It is pretty bad. And I’m not even sure what their trying to convey.

“What, you’re sad that daddy’s got to travel a lot for work? You want him to come home? Well, his pictures and your memories of him should be good enough for you. It’s like he’s already there, for pete’s sake. Suck it up you fucking baby.”

The glurge-y song - ICK! The kid is weird looking, he looks like an ‘intelligent little fellow’, mommy’s little man. Still don’t know what the Foundation for a Better Life is, is it like George Costanza’s Human Fund?

I think it’s a vaguely Christian group. Wiki says it was founded by an evangelical guy and a Mormon, or something to that effect.

They are asking for donations to the Human Fund.

It’s no worse than the Subaru commercial with the shriveled up old lady.

Cynicism- Pass it on

Should’ve had a prosty in the hotel room.

The comments made in the comment section have got to be made up. I wish I could meet people like this to see if they actually exist.

Or a dead prosty and a whole lot of blood.

I think they’re trying to sell Christmas shoes.

'Daddy had to find a new home because you never stopped your whining. Now he’s already there and he’s never coming back here. Come here! I’m gonna shave off that shitty hair cut, and if you’re a really good boy I won’t cut your throat."

I dunno, maybe I’m misinterpreting this?

“I’m Already There” by country-glurge artist Lonestar. No links because glurge.

Wait. That was a song before the commercial? Wow.

Values.com advertises on the radio quite a bit and I never heard of them outside of that context. Their radio adds are really generic “feel good” stuff. Very creepy.

What about it feels parodic to you, OP?

It just feels like the standard too-earnest glurge to me.

First, it’s so over-the-top glurgy that it feels like parody to me. On top of that, the way some of the spoken lines line up with the song makes it feel like parody, too. There was a bunch of radio beer commercials that did that, but to be funny. I can’t remember the brand, of course, so I can’t link to an example.

ETA: Here’s an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETrWZsYYJOQ

Plus, it really feels like Don Pardo should jump in somewhere and bellow **Now’s the time! Time for Drano Beer! Drano, for when you don’t feel like going home. Or to your job any more. Or to visit your folks. Or… **.