post counts

How accurate are the post counts? For example, in the GQ thread “kosher meat question,” Zev_Steinhardt had several posts, yet his count remained the same on each one. Shouldn’t the count go up for each post?

They are accurate. The post counts are updated for all your posts to reflect your current total.

To test:

You are now showing with 101 posts. When you post a reply here again, all your posts will then show 102 (inlcluding the first one).

Zev Steinhardt

To answer both your questions:

  1. The post count is an approximation. Threads get deleted, and even if that’s not the case, the total number is a wild guess at best. Close, probably.
  2. The post count indicates the total number of posts one has. So if zev poster twice in that thread, his post count DID go up. Try it yourself: reply to this thread, and check your post count first. Your first and second post in this thread will have the same number, which is going to be <your previous total> + 1.

Damn you to hell, Zev. :wink:

OK, consider this a test reply.

And your post count was bumped up to 102.

Zev Steinhardt

And this is where I reminisce about how much better UBB was – each post was stamped with a unique number! You could tell if a post was a user’s first, or 666th, or whatever. That was a fun feature (sure, it wasn’t useful in any way, but it was still nice to have).

Of course, UBB also crashed at least once a day, but you’ve got to take the bad with the good…

I swear, with all the test threads getting deleted in ATMB and the new post I make, I’m going to be stuck around 1154 forever. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think so… I seem to recall seeing such discussions of “Hey! Why isn’t my post count changing?” even before the Great Change… But I’m not certain. Perhaps it’s an option that can be set in UBB?

What if I’ve never had a post ? Will this be my first #1 ?

Will my post counter show a Zero to reflect my lack of any posts ?

Is this how the “real” mellenium 2000/2001 thing got started?