Postcard collectors...

I’m heading to Vegas. I know everybodys probably already been, or knows someone who has, but are there any takers???
Going to visit my sister, be there 5 days. Always willing to help out the dopers. Anything I can check out for the Labor day “Dope-a-thon”?

Please send me one! I’ve already sent you my address. I’m assuming with your post office connections, it will get here super fast.:slight_smile:

Have a great time & good luck on the tables!

Check around to see if Tom JOnes is playing. Catch his act if he is, you won’t be sorry!! bring extra undies!

Good Luck!!

Hello, dragonlady. I would love a postcard from Vegas! Thank you so much for offering. Have a great time and don’t get too much sun out there in the desert. :wink:

shriek Are you talking real, physical postcards!? I love those–I have a collection of about 75 hanging on me wall. I’ll email my address if you’ll please send me one.

I’m always down with getting a postcard! Thanks Dragonlady!

Have a great time and have a cocktail for me.

OK, dragonlady, I love postcards! The cheezier, the better—especially one with Wayne Newton, or a fuzzy shot of the buffet line. Have Fun!

Thank you!!! Got my postcard today… You dopers are something else… Love all of the postcards. Thanks guys…

I got mine today, dragonlady. Thanks! Love the little green dragon signature!