Postcards, postcards, postcards get your free postcards!!

While cleaning up I came upon a paper bag full of postcards. They are all black and white photos from the Black and White Gallery of Monmouth Street in London. Maybe I picked them up when I lived in London decades ago. Whatever the case I thought I would send them winging around the world as I no doubt intended before the ubiquity of email.

First in best dressed, say which one you want **in this thread ** and email me an address and it shall be yours.

Here are the choices:

Maureen O’Sullivan by Laszlo Willinger (1937)
Embrace by David Todd - tatooed male and female embracing obviously
Robert Mitchum by Bob Willoughby (Cape Fear??)
Peter Lorre by Ernest A Bachrach (1940)
Meto_Nude by John Chan - Hockney like montage of a nude dude
China Girl by Charles Roff - a girl who looks chinese
Sleeping Beauty by Juliette Van Otteren - 2 naked women attractively posed
The Artist’s Model by Franz Fiedler (1930) - artist with nude model
Spatz (1932) - under the table at a diner(??)
Midsummer Night Dream by EB Hesser - knaked women of course
Ramon Navarro by George Hurrell (1929)
Jean Harlow by Hurrell (1933)
Vivien Leigh by Vivienne (1942)
Ripped Rock by Paul Caffell - the naked rear is more striking than the rock
Tammy, 15 by Ron Oliver - young ballerina
It’s A dog’s Life by Charles Roff - a dog and the backside of a pair of jeans…whoever gets it will know what I mean
Lady of The Tropics by Milton Brown (1939) - looks like a movie still
Quiet Surf by Barry McKinley - crowded beach
Sunday Morning by Stephane Graff - partly clad woman reads the paper
Ann Sheridan by Scotty Welbourne (1940)
Formanterra by Charles Roff - fancy name for naked woman
Vivien Leigh by Laslo Willinger (1940)
Loretta Young by Lansing Brown (1929)
Take Me (Riding) by Jane Hilton - young couple in backseat of a car
untitled by Rudolph Koppitz (1927) - a nude of course

As I said add a post claiming your choice - so that no one else will ask for it and then email me an address to send it to. If the thread dies without them all being claimed you may receive extras.

This one sounds interesting. May I claim it?

You just did.

I like this one, please.

I think this one sounds nice:
Sunday Morning by Stephane Graff - partly clad woman reads the paper

And thank you for this generous offer!

I’d like:

Peter Lorre by Ernest A Bachrach (1940)

I like Peter Lorre :slight_smile:

I’d like to dibs the Navarro, and if by the end no one claims the Harlow I’d like that one too.

I’d like Sleeping Beauty.

I would like Vivien Leigh by Vivienne (1942)
Thank you.

Could I have Untitled by Rudolph Koppitz?


Ann Sheridan would go down well, but anything else if that has gone :slight_smile:

Huh? Anyone know what this means?

(Sorry to clutter the thread, but I’ve no idea what this problem is, and I’d hate to think other people had it but didn’t ask)

I emailed your Hotmail from mine GorillaMan. Perhaps a reply will work. Seems like a problem at your end???

I’d like the Maureen O’Sullivan, please. If I’m victimized by a simulpost, my second choice is Take Me (Riding) by Jane Hilton.

Thanks for making this generous offer!

Just thought I’d reopen this thread to say I received my requests yesterday, plus a bit of a bonus. Thanks again for making this offer, don’t ask!

Mine arrived, too…very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

I got mine too, thank you so much! That was a very cool thing to do.

Take Me (Riding) by Jane Hilton


Sleeping Beauty by Juliette Van Otteren


Got mine today. They’re lovely. Thank you so much!

Are there any more left?

You can just send me any random one. Also, I have recently sent a whole mess of postcards out, since I acquired some from John’s Hopkins. They were all illustrations done by Max Brodel, who was their resident medical illustrator, and is considered my many to be the father of modern medical illustration.

If you want, I could send you one of the two left. One pokes fun at former JH faculty member, William H. Welch, and the other is an illustration of the face of a proboscis monkey.