posting a picture on the board

I need help identifying a component on my car and would like to postvit here to ask you foljs.

How do I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance

You can’t post a photo directly to the board, but you can post a link to a photo.

By the by, your question should have gone to the About This Message Board subforum, but no biggie. Welcome to the Board.

Uploading to is quick, easy and free. Upload the pix there and postvit the links here for us foljs.

Who you callin’ a folj?

[Obi-Wan voice]You will never find a more nitpicking hive of purism and pedantry. We must be cautious.[/Obi]:smiley:

That was fast. You guys are the best

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Since this is about posting an image here on the SDMB specifically, I will move this to ATMB.

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Wondered if i could find out how many names I’ve used for the president here, so I entered “Guest-starring: Id!; President” in the search field, with no luck, and then tried “SDMB - Guest-starring: Id! - President” in google, with no luck either.
Lost cause?

You can use SDMB’s advanced search function to search by user name. Is this what you’re looking for?

Maybe this?

Fuck - I meant my post to be a separate thread.:smack:

Thanks for the previous two responses, but the vast majority of hits in the advanced search function showed posts that didn’t have president in them; same with the google attempt.

After way too long a digging, all I could scrape up was:

President Whitish-Biege Pustule
President Vilest of Spermbirds
President Whose Grandfather Was A Whoremonger in PNW/Yukon In Late 1800s
President Bowl of Spooge
President Embarrassingly Inverted Cock

Looks like my link didn’t work, but when I type in “president” for the keyword and filter to username “Guest-starring: Id!” I get 136 results. Make sure you show results as posts, not threads.

Ah yes, cool - thanks.

President Ultimate King of the Shittiest of Motherfuckers

President Thank Og Doesn’t Drink

President Weirdly Loves Himself

(heck, I’ll throw in a Pence’er) Vice President Too Insecure a Childman Dipshit To Be Alone Around Women

President Individual-1

President Not Too Good At His Job

President Empty-Headed Animal Food Trough Wi-per

President Gritty on Acid

President Pus-head

President Gluteus Fucking Recockulous

President Airline Puke Bag

President Flash Card

President Cyst

President Burning Shitbag

President Chewbacca

President Infantile Deranged Fucking Shitstain

President Piltdown

President Biblical Belly Breaktrough

President Descanting the Insalubrious

President Merde-on-Lawn

President Bum

President Traitorous Shithead

President AppendectomyFace

President Fast-Forward

President Disgusting Tennis Ass

President Diseased Tennis Ass

President Mute Button

President Dumb

President Gulag

President Body-Gout

President Rotting Pile of Discarded Liposuction

President Pinata

President Golf Cart

President Gooey Fudge in the Centre

President Pustulating Carbuncle

President Maybe One Day, Eric

President Red Pill

President T-Shirt Cannon

President Bumpaddle

President Flaming Shit-bag On Your Stoop

President Should Be Fed Naked To Sharks

President Dead Wombat

President Rotten Eggs

President Nerf Football

President Volatile Scumbag

President Sadguts

another Pence’er - Vice President Teflon-Coated-Smoothie-Jaberwocky

President That Guy

President Shittiest Ever

Niel Hamburger, 46th President of the United States

President Septic Tank Explosion

President At-One-Time-Was-The-Best-Ballplayer-In-New-York

President (Paul) Lepage

It’s a Fjortnaar Valve.

Googled, without success.


When searching the SDMB with Google, start with “” (minus the quotations, natch) and then try your search terms. If you want an exact phrase, put it in quotes.

For example “Guest-starring: Id!” president.

Cool, thanks.

Go back to the OP, have several stiff drinks, and then re-read Gatopescado again.

It worked for me. :wink:

It works even better if you skip steps 1 and 3.

Awesome - all valid help. :slight_smile: