Potential new Reality show. . .

Here’s the deal. I know a couple of guys who want to go pitching a reality “Build a Band” show. In the end, there would be one band and they would line up for different licensing opportunities: TV, Movie, Comics, etc.

Here’s the problem: two of the band slots will be taken up by the guys doing the show. They aren’t what I would call important band slots (Keyboard and Rhythm Guitar) but still, they will be filling those roles themselves.

Does this sound bogus to you reality watchers out there. I’ve tried to tell them that it sounds like a total vanity project (made all the worse by their not being anybody of note – no hit records, no TV work, nothing).

They tried to throw Affleck and Damon at me a nobodies who got funding for a movie they wrote with them in the leads, but I said that doesn’t hold. They didn’t have a contest/game for people to go through to get roles in the movie.

Someone give me some ammo to convince these guys (who really have a good idea for a show) that it is a better idea to produce it than to produce it with them in the talent mix.