What Band would make for the best reality T.V. show?

Simple. Pick which musical group you would most like to see in the reality setting. I guess I will set the following guidelines:

  1. The band has to be real (sorry, no Spinal Tap).

  2. If you pick an older group, say the Beatles, we will pretend they are all still alive. (unless you don’t want to).

  3. Ignore rule 1 if you feel like it.

I think Motorhead would make for a nice program. They are way up there in years now, so we would get to see the effects of their lifestyle. Great accents. Didn’t Lemmy write some guest columns for a women’s magazine at one point in time?

I agree about Motorhead. Have you read White Line Fever, by Lemmy? It’s his autobiography, and it’s a riot.

Although, I don’t think Motorhead could be shown on network tv, it would definitely have to be a cable show. They still do drugs constantly, so that may be a put off to a lot of people. After all the name Motorhead actually means speed freak.

I think any band who has been touring for years and years would make a good show. Even a band like the Allman Bros. or something would be an interesting study of what it’s like to be a constantly touring act.

I always wished that The Osbournes would have focused more on Ozzy’s touring and performing. He’s really a trooper, and has been going at if for-freaking-ever. And he’ll probably keep doing it until he keels over.

Fleetwood Mac would be interesting.

One of the brawling brother bands, like The Black Crowes or Oasis or maybe The Kinks would be entertaining.

The guy who used to be in The Libertines and Courtney Love could have a reality show called My Life Is A Train Wreck.

Pink Floyd.

Seriously. Everything from the beginnings of the band, to the departure of Syd (especially his decline into madness), to the arguing about ownership rights.

Saucerful of Secrets: The Pink Floyd Odyssey by Nicholas Schaffner was a great book about the band. It would have been a fantastic book if Schaffner had been able to secure the participation of Roger Waters, but Waters blew him off.

Mötley Crüe’s book “The Dirt” is apparently in the works for a feature film, which would be something to see. The Crüe certainly have enough craziness for a string of moves, between Nikki Sixx coming back from the dead, rampant groupie banging, Razzle’s death, Girls Girls Girls, “Dude looks like a lady”, and homemade porn galore.

The Monkees. Stick 'em in an apartment together, send a stream of pretty girls their way and let the hijicks ensue.

I am torn between Pink Floyd and The Beach Boys.

I know: combine the two. Pink Floyd and The Beach Boys move into a big house together. Might as well throw Brigitte Nielsen and Charo in there while we’re at it. Heck, let’s live dangerously and add Omarosa to the mix.

I like your style, pinkfreud.


I like your username. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see a White Stripes show where Jack and Meg White were always having wacky adventures, solving crimes, and playing a concert at the end of each episode!

The Rolling Stones

KISS - 70’s version

The Smashing Pumpkins.

James, Darcy, and Jimmy would be hanging around and all of a sudden James would be like “oh shit, Billy’s coming. Quick, everyone look busy.” And then Billy would make them all practice for a few hours and yell at them. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

Mayhem probably would’ve made for an interesting show, but there’s no way you could ever put it on network television.

The Talking Heads would probably also make for interesting TV, especially towards the end.

Survivor: The Eagles Alumni

My bet is Joe Walsh walks away with the million, but is surprised he was actually supposed to be playing a game the whole time. Or maybe Randy Meisner takes it with the old “flying under the radar” routine.

Oooh! If only Frank Zappa were still around, a “Mothers of Invention” reality show would be a hoot.

It would have to be on cable, though. No way would network TV touch it.

The Sex Pistols might make a good reality TV show, but it would probably only last 3 episodes.

Come to think of it, the same could be said of Nirvana.

This year Australia is having a new reality show trying to find a new lead singer for INXS.