Prediction about the mail/anthrax connection

There’s going to be a ton of hoaxes–if you thought the “syringe in my Pepsi” gag was quite a phenomenon, just imagine how many kooks and pranksters will try to get a piece of the action in this one.

Sadly, you’re probably right.

I wonder what the world is going to look like 10 years from now…

I was thinking the same thing when the news first began broadcasting this. And my next thought was, “Boy, I bet the Klingerman Virus Hoax gets a new shot at life…grrr…”

Changing my email filters as we speak (uh, read?).

Today I saw reports on the local news about people calling 911 when they saw a little bit of flour in a pizza box or confectionary sugar on a donut.

What’s even worse is the people taking Cipro. as a preventative against anthrax. We’re already seeing drug resistant e coli bacteria emerging as a result of this.

None of this would be an issue if the media would stop making a big deal out of absolutly freaking everything!

sure it’s a big deal having people infected with anthrax.

However, it’s definatly not a big deal or even newsworthy to publish and broadcast every Joe Shmoe who gets worried about thier mail. It just makes everyone more paranoid, making more people call in with “suspect packages”.
Those false “scares” then get more publicity, increasing paranoia. It’s a vicious circle that the media won’t stop because they need news, and when there isn’t any, they create it.

All of you guys make valid points. Publicity is what most of these weirdo pranksters are after, so anthrax hoaxes are happening all over the place. Here in Canada, every major city is getting them, and even some small cities. Who the HECK would think of sending anthrax to Sherbrooke, Quebec, of all places? Yeah, they had to evacuate buildings there.
I think the media should wait until they are sure that anthrax is really involved before informing the public and shooting off in all directions. Maybe then we’d get a feeling that one more thing is getting back to normal. I’m sure there must be other news around worth reporting.

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