Pregnancy Conspiracy!

I have unearthed the greatest conspiracy of all time…
A conspiracy against man, perpetrated by women.
It turns out that pregnancy isn’t really as bad as women have made it appear. Women one day realized, “Hey, men can’t have babies, let’s take advantage of this.” And so men have been duped into making runs to the grocery store for tuna fish and vanilla ice cream in the name of “cravings.” Womankind has collectively been pulling the wool over men’s eyes for millenia.

It’s time to take a stand.

Guess we’ll see you here:

soon enough, no?

Cross-posting it in GQ probably wasn’t a good idea either.

Most likely.

Damn, which one told you?

My pregnancy was GREAT! I had a blast, loved my belly, wore really cute maternity clothes(yeah, some women would call me nuts). Never felt better, right up until that last little bit.

Please don’t tell the hubby, I plan on continuing the evil ruse for at least one more kid…

You know, it’s kind of hard to fake nausea every morning and being unable to eat favorite foods. And if labor was all an act every woman who has had kids would be up for an Oscar. Here’s the deal: You don’t make stupid claims and the mods don’t ban your sorry ass. You got off lucky this time.

I hope for your safety and well-being, triton, you do not know any pregnant woman personally at the moment.

I hope for his edification and education, he knows one who posts to this MB nad knows who he is.

How would you know since you have never been pregnant. Every pregnancy is different. For instance when my mom was pregnant with my brother it was a breeze, with me she was sick all the time.

I think that was simply a bit of “tongue in cheak” humour on tryton’s part. No need to scold him for it. At worst, his offense was putting this in GD instead of MPSIMS. I think some of you have all taken this a bit too seriously.

Having seen Mrs. Cal through her pregnancy, I’d have to say that it’s not a cushy deal. By the last month she had Fred Flintstone Feet. Her hands and feet were so swollen with fluid that she was starting to have trouble feeling things. She said she’d have no problems with another delivery – giving birth was no problem. It was the nine month pregnancy she had trouble with.