President Donald Trump: "Democrats Produce Mobs, Republicans Produce Jobs"

Is this the line NPR is taking now?

No. Polls were showing an election victory for Clinton in the states she needed to win the electoral college. This did not take place. Poster is right.

The thing about government and science is that they only return results that will keep the grant money flowing. MoCo and NoVA know this recipe well.

(They want a dollar to read it, quote lifted from ThinkProgress

Sure as shit gonna remember this one! Loaves and fishes, walk on water, raise the dead? Piffle. Get a major tax bill through a Congress that is not even in session, and do it in ten days?

Jesus was an amateur!

“Highest rated impeachment hearings of all time, folks. Of all time!”



You’re planning “retribution”?

So Hurricane, what do you think about Trump talking about non-existent riots in California? Who might he be appealing to at his rally in Nevada?

Should anyone be able to tell these lies? Or just President Trump? Do you not think that this obvious LIE is inciting violence?

I don’t know what you’re referring to. Do you have a link?

Because my opinion is based on facts, not garbage spewed by right-wing American scumbags. I’m sure you believe the world doesn’t look down on Trump on his supporters because Trump says it doesn’t, but we do.

Sorry, here ya go

Thanks for being honest, Alberta, Canada. Most of us hate him too.

In a related question, do you think Trump has made somewhere around 4,500 false or misleading statements since he took office?

Because if you don’t, and you believe that slogan is accurate, then it is clear you and I are operating on different planes of reality.

I suppose that belief does have a tendency to be more important than facts to some people. I’m just always surprised when they not only admit it, but are proud of that.

Is there a reason that you took those words out of the context they were in?

So, yes, political retribution. Things like regulating the industries that are being unregulated now so that they can dump waste into our environment or destroy our economy, bumping up taxes on the well off, recognizing civil rights, things like that that make the conservative whine and cry.

It’s not our fault that civilization makes conservatives cry.

Do you feel that that is an accurate representation of the facts? If so, please link to any evidence that would agree with that. If not, then do you endorse this sort of behavior in the leader that you have chosen to represent you?

For me personally, the notion “you can’t possibly believe that,” and the benefit of doubt it represents, was all but annihilated on November 8, 2016. It is now extended only to a very select group, of which the OP is decidedly not a member.

Can you provide some cites? Which part of my cite showing that the number 1 and 2 job creators (if you want to credit the president) are both Democrats? Can you cite that mobs are more prevalent on the Democratic side?

You said you wanted to discuss the political implications, but here you’re claiming that the slogan is factually accurate. Please provide cites.


In his remarks, Trump gave special affection for the citizens of Nevada. Both videotapes and eyewitness reports confirm that the was, in fact, in Nevada. So, there’s that.

So, if I may repeat:

I realize I’m leaving out a possibility: you believe it, not because you’ve the slightest scintilla of evidence to support the position, but because it makes you feel warm and toasty inside to believe it.

The worst part about this whole situation is that when a republican or “centrist” (read: “classical liberal” in the Sargon of Akkad or Jordan Peterson vein) says something that matches up with neo-nazi propaganda, or endorses fascism, or says something so utterly asinine and stupid that you would normally assume they’re too smart to actually believe it, you’re left with no idea whether they’re stupid or lying. It used to be the former was a pretty good bet; these days, I no longer trust anyone who “ought to know better”. As Contrapoints so eloquently put it: “This paranoia is a consequence of being constantly gaslit by fascists pretending not to be fascists”. Good video, by the way - very worth watching in full.

The cite provided by RitterSport in post #43 links to an article that talks about job creation under various presidents. Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it states that job creation is greater under presidents from the Democrat party than under presidents from the Republican party.

To verify this, I went directly to the Bureau of Labor Statistics site, where I queried for and downloaded the non-farm jobs gain/loss for each month from January of 1961 through September of 2018. I thought that this would be a good representative sample, as Democrats have been in power for 28 of those years, while Republicans have been in power for 29.75 of those years. I then added up the monthly data to create an annual figure for each year, and identified the year as being under a Democrat or Republican. (For purposes of this argument, a ‘year’ begins with February and runs through January of the following year. Thus, the 1961 numbers run from February of 1961 through January of 1962, while the 2016 numbers begin with February of 2016 and run through January of 2017.)

The numbers in the last 57.75 years are rather telling. The total number of jobs gained under Democrat administrations is 60.639 million, while the total number of jobs gained under Republican administrations is 35.178 million. Democrats, on average, create 21.656 million jobs per year. Republicans, on average, create 11.824 million jobs per year.

So, HD, would you care to retract your claim about Republicans creating jobs? Or provide a cite in defense of it?

Or maybe the slogan should be ‘Republicans produce jobs, Democrats produce more jobs.’