President Donald Trump: "Democrats Produce Mobs, Republicans Produce Jobs"

Sure. Here is one.

I think this probably requires some additional clarification, and this seems like as good a place as any to inject it: The last half of President Trump’s slogan is simply “Republicans produce jobs”. Labeling that statement as “false” or 'inaccurate" or a “lie” seems ludicrous to me. A number of people in this thread have tried to twist that fairly obvious statement of fact into a comparison, along the lines of “he didn’t produce as many jobs as Obama, therefore the statement is inaccurate.” But President Trump’s slogan isn’t a comparison to Obama. Do you now understand how I can say “Yes”, it is factually accurate (if a bit simplistic)? Do you agree?

I think it’s a fair point to argue that presidents (or political parties) generally don’t actually “create” all that many jobs, but they are one of a number of factors that set conditions in our economy that allow jobs to be created. In our soundbite culture that gets shorthanded into ‘so-and-so created X jobs’ too often.

The slogan doesn’t claim “more prevalent”. If you want some cites that “Democrats produce mobs”, here are a few:

[Eric Holder: "when they go low, we kick them."](

HRC: “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for”

Maxine Waters encourages supporters to harass Trump administration officials

Nebraska GOP office windows smashed, ‘ABOLISH ICE’ spray-painted on sidewalk

Illinois Republican party office vandalized with ‘rape,’ ‘shame’ graffiti on building, police say

GOP Office Vandalized Ahead of Far-Right Event

Violence by far-left protesters in Berkeley sparks alarm

Maybe timeline-hopping is possible? :confused:

No, and this is just a stupid line of argument. The clear intent and reading of the statement is that Dems produce mobs INSTEAD of job; and R’s produce jobs INSTEAD of mobs. Claiming otherwise is patently and totally absurd.

And trying to throw a bunch of cites to make Dems look uncivil next to Trump is like a schitzophrenic break from reality. I mean, who are you trying to fool?

[quote=“HurricaneDitka, post:121, topic:823233”]

If you want some cites that “Democrats produce mobs”, here are a few:

[/QUOTE] Not gonna check out YouTube links without being told first what I should expect to find there. I'm not a "pivot to video" sort of guy. [QUOTE] [Eric Holder: "when they go low, we kick them."]( [/QUOTE] You need to be introduced to the concept of metaphor. [QUOTE] [HRC: "You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for"]( [/QUOTE] What does this have to do with mobs?

Same question.

What a steaming pile of bullcrap. You’ve got nothing, and you’re trying to pass it off as something.

I’m confused by your post, so :confused: back at ya.

So, you are saying that Trump’s soundbite, which you have made an entire thread about, is meaningless?

“Republicans produce jobs, Democrats produce mobs, but Republicans produce more mobs, and Democrat produce more jobs.” would be a more accurate slogan, in your opinion?

Care to go ahead and spread that more accurate slogan to your republican friends?

IOW, maybe these things are true in an alternate timeline that you somehow fell out of (and into this one).

Who knows? I haven’t listened to NPR since their coverage of Trump’s Republican Convention speech ignored “I alone can fix this” and “Lock her up!” Maybe they’re ‘liberal media’ compared to Rush Limbaugh, but other than that, no.

Holy motherfucking shit.

I did not say “meaningless” did I?

I don’t have to try to make them look uncivil. They do that all on their own.

Ah, projection.

A list of cites that Democrats produce mobs (assuming any are actually what you say they are – I clicked on none of them) is totally irrelevant. I’m willing to concede that there are lefties and Democrats that sometimes gather and sometimes get unruly. Are you willing to concede the same is true on the right? Assuming you are, then so what? Trump was clearly implying that Democrats, not Republicans, produce mobs and Republicans and not Democrats produce jobs. Or, maybe he was implying more on one side for the first and more on the other side for the second.

This whole thread is pretty disingenuous. I’m sorry I got into this. From what I can tell, you’re saying that jobs are created under both Republican and Democratic administrations. Also, activists on both the left and right sometimes form mobs.

Wow! Great insight! Super interesting. I don’t think that’s what Trump was implying, but that seems like what you’re willing to defend.

You know, it’s possible that Trump was not entirely factually correct when he made his claims. Shocking, I know.

Disappointed in NJ

(I’m probably not coming back to this)

Then please, elaborate on what you believe the meaning of it to be.

Would agree that the slogan “Republicans produce mobs, and Democrat produce jobs.” is equally as accurate?

Would you agree that “Republicans produce more mobs, and Democrat produce more jobs.” is actually even more accurate?

Would you also agree that “Republicans produce jobs, and Democrat produce mobs.”, as Trump’s slogan that you feel is accurate, is also misleading?

If you answer no to any of these questions, then please justify your answer.

If you answer yes to all of them, then please explain the meaning behind an intentionally misleading slogan.

Republicans produce mob jobs for all this thread is worth.

But, you don’t even recognize the difference between Antifa and a Democrat. You get them confused all the time.

And by the way, it’s perfectly fine to say that a campaign slogan is false on its merits even if it appeals to you. For example, I’ll readily admit that “love trumps hate” was a slogan in total error. put Clinton’s chances of winning at 71.4% to 28.6%.

Interestingly, it put today’s chances of the Republicans winning the Senate at 78.4% to 21.6%. Perhaps Republicans ought to start sweating a little.

Yes! Huge snarling mobs of 80-year-old vote-wielding representatives are going to smash conservative judicial nomination chances and pummel tax cuts for the wealthy and kneecap Trump’s racist policies and generally club in the heads of [del]baby seals[/del] whatever right-wingnuts have been voting for. Retribution!

But of course you knew that.

Lindsey Graham Angrily Claims Democrats Will Use ‘Mob Rule’ To Govern: 'Punish Them’

Actually, that’s about the mildest, least inflammatory thing he said. If you are feeling too cheerful, you can go and read them, I’m not going to inflict them upon you. Lilac water is a hell of a drug.

HD, I want to make sure that I parse your meaning correctly. Are you staying that the part of the slogan that says “republicans make jobs” is an accurate statement because the republicans have, in general, produced a quantity of jobs greater than zero? And that the part suggesting that the democrats create mobs is similarly true because of a quantity produced that is greater than zero?

Is THAT really your statement?

Democrats produce fewer mobs, Republicans produce fewer jobs is both more accurate and less likely to be supported by HD.