"Pro Wrestling" question

The winner and new world champion - Kal!!

OK, I’ll bite. What’s the question?

Is this a ‘World Champion’ like in the American-only* ‘World Series’, or as in the soccer World Cup (which over 100 countries compete in)?

*I know there may be a Canadian franchise or two, but the use of ‘World’ still irritates me.

Paging Joel…damn, finally a question I could probably answer correctly. Oh well.

No, its not real.
Yes, we know.

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The WWE has never really raised the issue if the World Championship is truly worldwide.

I would love to see a match between Taker and someone from New Japan or the Lucha champion.

Vince McMahon’s wrestling organization has long had an “Intercontinental” champ, though they never explained which continents that entails. Basically, being the IC champ, means you are the champion of the midcarders, though sometimes it can be a stepping stone for an up-and-coming wrestler with potential to be a main eventer. Since it is not “intracontinental”, presumably it covers more than one continent. There is a “European” champion, but no champion specifically designated to any other continent. Then again, if they had an African champ, Asian champ, Latin American champ, Antartican champ, and then had a hardcore, women’s, television, and tag team championship for each continent, the status of being a “champ” would be so watered down that it wouldn’t mean very much.

Pardon me…that’s Antarctican champ. Maybe they could bring in WCW’s “Sub Zero” ripoff Glacier and give him that title.

Well, assuming it’s a WWF event, I don’t imagine Vince would actually agree to let his guys lose.

From memory:

World championship (originally called the Heavyweight championship): The big one. Whoever owns this is The Man. Usually only the biggest superstars get a crack at it, although you’ll occasionally see some joke or no-name “get lucky” and hold it for a short time.
Intercontinental championship: “Intercontinental” means the same thing as World, actually; I’m pretty sure it was made up mainly to give a sense of grandeur to the title, make it sound like something a lot of wrestlers actually aspire for (and it is). It’s the league’s second chamionship, both literally and figuratively. It’s not as prestigious as the World title, but still hotly contested by everyone not quite up to World status.
Tag Team championship: Just as it implies. Every tag team, well-established or not, wants this. It tends to change hands a lot.
European championship: The third championship. I’ve never actually seen a European title match, but it’s supposed to be the domain mainly of up-and-coming stars. Of all the titles, this one’s the most common stepping stone to the World title.
Hardcore championship: Yes, even the throw-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink brawlers get a belt. Hardcore matches are inherently chaotic as hell, and this is a crown worn very lightly.
Women’s championship: The fairer sex’s World championship. The WWE never has a lot of female talent at any given time, so this one’s pretty minor.
Light Heavyweight championship: Another special title, one that only those below a certain weight (210? 200? Anyone know?) are eligible for. Called the Cruiserweight title in the WCW while it existed.
King: Used to be just a goofy gimmick that entitled the current throne-sitter to a crown, scepter, voluminous robe, attendants, bearers taking him to and from the ring, etc. Changed to a single-elimination tournament some time after the end of Jerry Lawler’s final reign. Now overshadowed by all the other championships and has pretty much lost what little prestige it had.

So there are a bunch, but at least there’s a purpose for every one. Much better than boxing, at any rate.