WWE No Way Out [Spoilers]

I didn’t watch the PPV tonight (I’ve not watched RAW or SD! in six months or more but still follow it) but I just read the results. Eddie Guerrero, a Latino and a cruiser, just won the WWE World Title. Earlier in the card, Chavo won the CW Title. Los Guerreros have double gold. McMahon gave them the belts. In the WWE.

WWE now has two former cruisers as Grand Slam champions. Eddie and Jericho. Michaels counts as a third if you want to be pedantic and not trash him for his behaviour backstage.

My mind is blown.

Don’t see many wrasslin’ threads here. Especially from people who don’t watch.

I really get sick of this endless whining about smaller guys not getting pushed. Look, Jericho, Eddie and Michaels have all been ENORMOUSLY popular. They are all top notch in the ring and on the stick. They’re over with the fans and deserve it as much as anyone else, so they got the title.

Name any other cruiser as good as they that hasn’t won the championship. Rey, not that great on the mic, and the mask is a barrier for American fans. Benoit, well he is getting his shot at Mania, and he doesn’t have the mic skills like the others do.

Why are you talking bad about Michaels. I mean, does he have a DUI on his record? I’m not hating on Eddie, I’m just saying, that is tangent to your complaining.

I’ve been a lifelong fan… I don’t watch currently because I’m not interested in the product but still am in certain people that WWE employs.

The reason I posted this was because a) I was truly shocked by the outcome of the match even though the smarks have been saying this would happen for the past few weeks b) I think it’s a huge enough wrestling event to post about on the SDMB, even if wrestling fans are thin on the ground here and c) because I felt like it.

Can you now explain to me how it is I’m badmouthing anyone? My comments on Michaels were not insults… they were me giving him his due as someone who has held every major belt in the WWF/E sans the CW belt, which he never competed for.

Please read my posts more thoroughly before you make inferences on them.

I haven’t seen a PPV in almost two years, but I still watch Raw and Smackdown occasionally, and follow the outcomes and the industry closely online. I guess you could call me a smark: I root for the small guys and the mid-carders, I’m sick of the same old big names winning, I think I come up with better ideas than the writers, I think Vince has lost it, and so forth.

That said, congrats to Eddie and Chavo Guerrero! Both are extremely talented workers who have been loyal to the company for a long time, and both really deserve the belts. Good for them!