Summerslam 2004 [Spoilers]

I don’t watch anymore but considering the lineup tonight, I was intrigued enough that I just checked out a wrestling site to read the results for the PPV tonight and was a bit surprised at the Main Event’s finish.

Randy Orton went over Chris Benoit clean to become the youngest WWE champion in history at 23 years and some odd months old

What’s everyone think? I’m interested in knowing how real fans, even if you’re smarks (and I assume you are), feel about this. I sort of like it, myself.

I was pleased with that result. I’ve liked said wrestler since his appearance on the roster, and thought he had what it took. I think it provides a lot of opportunities for new feuds.

Did you see who won the Cena / Booker-T match? For some reason the WWE site still lists the “promo” text instead of the “results” text in their “Results” section of the website…

According to the results I’ve read, it was Cena with an FU (what a stupid name for a finisher) out of nowhere at about eight minutes.

As I said in the OP, I don’t watch anymore but as someone who’s watched off an on since I was born (JCP, NWA, and WCW though), I do read the results every now and then just to keep abreast. While it looks like both shows are still in shambles for the most part, with Orton being the champion, I might be convinced to watch a couple shows just to see how it’s handled. It’s obvious that this will be he catalyst for the splintering of Evolution but I am intrigued to see just how they manage it.

I think I’d prefer to see an even split of HHH and Batista as heels and Flair and Orton as faces.

What Aesiron said. Except that the match last night was supposed to be the first in a Best of Five series for the title. I don’t know why they didn’t just have one match, but I guess they’re trying to milk this feud for all it’s worth.

As for Randy Orton, I like it. I’d really like to see a nice long feud between Orton and Jericho for the title now. Y2J hasn’t been in the title scene for a long time, and I think he really deserves it.