Problem with incorrect quoting

Lately, I’ve noticed many people complaining that they were quoted incorrectly, i.e. that a quote of theirs appeared when the poster was clearly intending to quote someone else.

It just happened to me. In the Grammar - ‘may’ or ‘might’ thread, I tried to respond to an older post from DPRK. I hit Reply and did not try to quote any of the post. The reply box somehow contained a quote from Thudlow_Boink, who was the last poster at the time. I decided not to post but start this thread.

(Just as weird, DPRK’s post quoted my post, even though theirs shows as post #6 and mine as post #7.)

I don’t remember this happening earlier so it seems to be a new bug. Can it be fixed?

To confirm, you hadn’t highlighted any of the post that actually got quoted, right?

Which reply did you hit? Was it the one at the bottom right corner of the last post? That’s a reply to that post. If you somehow also hit the quote bubble at the top left of the editor, that would contain the last poster’s quote which would explain why Thudlow_Boink’s quote would be in the post.

If you hit the reply at the bottom of the thread next to the flag button, that might be more puzzling.

That’s easily explained, I think. You and DPRK posted at the exact same minute based on the time stamps. DPRK saw your post within the 5 minute edit window and added your quote to their post and added an ETA to show that it was edited.

I didn’t touch anything from the Thudlow_Boink point. The only click was on the Reply under DPRK’s post.

I search on “wrong poster” and found some examples that could be the same effect. I’m sure I’ve seen others, toos.

Of course I considered an edit. But I thought that edited posts show a pencil afterward. What causes a post to show a pencil if an edit doesn’t do so?

An edit within 5 min doesn’t show a pencil. But it seems that you can now edit up to 15 min after posting – perhaps this only works if there haven’t been any other posts, I haven’t tested it.

ETA: test 1 min - no pencil

ETA: test 6 min - pencil

ETA: test 13 min - pencil

After 15 min, you can no longer edit.