Project: Insane FoMoCo.

I have a 1991 Ford Mustang Lx hatchback. It is a 5.0, and it has about 125 thousand miles on it. I am mulling over the idea of rebuilding it to my ideal Mustang.

First off I need a temp car, possibly a Geo Metro.
I want to strip the Mustang down to chassis, weld on a Corvette rear suspension, and weld on a independant front suspension from a 4x4. Thats right, my car will be 4wd.

After the appropriate support modifications it will be powder coated. For the transmission I will use either a
Tremec 5 speed, or a Richmond 5 speed. 4 wheel Willwood dual caliper disk brakes, 14-15’s in the front and 13-14’s in the back. A full-time 4 wheel drive transfer case.

Ill either rebuild the motor I have now, or get a 345 HP crate motor from Ford, and stick on twin turbos, the biggest headers I can fit on,3" pipes to some high-flow cats, to a pair of flowmaster 2 chambers.

Ill strip the interior and smooth it out with sheet metal, then dynamat it or a bedliner type material, bolt in a feul cell, and a full on racing rollcage.

I will weld all the seams on the body after re-painted and smoothed out, A functional wing, bolted or welded directly to the frame. High performance shocks/struts/springs.

A high quality air dam for the front, with matching ground effects. air scoops for all 4 brakes, a hood scoop( think subaru style) for the turbos. Aluminum racing seats with 5 point harness.

And of course a kick ass stereo, Alpine deck, Alpine DDDrive speakers, Alpine amps, and one 10 inch DDDrive sub.

Centerline Telstar rims with BFG G-force T/a’s, 8 inch fronts, and 12 inch rears. And of course, guages for everything.

Im sure Homer will enjoy this, maybe someone else will too.
Let me know if I forgot anything.

Don’t forget to fill out your organ donor card before you drive it the first time. :wink:

That’s a bit crazy. However, I have a TBird from around the same time, and I know a lot of people are into doing that kind of thing to those (repowering with absurd crate motors, aftermarket supercharging, etc.).

I just reread the OP. Never mind the bit crazy remark. It’s absolutely insane. I love it!

I figure I can get it all done for about 20 thousand, lots cheaper than a Mustang Cobra R, or a Corvette, which it should be able to shame, be it straight line drag racing, or a twisty road course.

And it shouldnt be a problem selling it for 30K if I wanted to.

Oh and as for the Donor card, Filled it out as soon as I was 18 (legal age in california)
I just thought of a problem, I will have to smog it. I better move to Oregon after I do this.

You could use the full time awd transfer case from an Explorer and mabe the front axle, though I dont think you could adapt the front end to your 'Stang without SERIOUS mods to both axle and frame.