Project Runway 7/12 (open spoilers)

So, who watched last night, and what do you think so far? I have to say that I disagreed with the winner…a nice dress, to be sure…but innovative? I’m not seeing it.

Personally, I had to give points to the coffee filter dress. Really cool looking, and you can’t deny it was different. I probably would have awarded him first place.

I also think I would have gotten rid of the guy with the neck tattoo, based on just this one design. I have a feeling there was a little more going on there than just which design the judges thought was the worst…they are probably intrigued with neck tattoo guy, and wanted to keep him around.

I couldn’t agree more about the coffee filter dress. It was cute, it fit her well, and it was very innovative. I was shocked when he didn’t make it to the final group on the runway.

Of those that did make the last cut, my favorite was the one that had the rug as faux fur collar and cuffs and the detail from the lamp around the hem.

I hate that snotty guy with that fake sounding accent. (Which, of course, means he will make it to fashion week. :rolleyes: I hated Wendy and Santino, too.)

I’m not sure if I wound up liking Malan more than I expected, or if he was just out-jerked by Mr. Neck Tattoo. He made such a big scene about how amateurish everyone else’s designs were, and yet his would have made Santino shake his head and mutter about poor construction. Also, his missing/shaved eyebrow bothers me. Shallow but true.

I’ll agree that the winning dress was very pretty, but not as striking as the others. Worse, the designer (you know, the one who looks like Jude Law) was already having arrogance problems. I have a feeling he’ll be insufferable very very shortly. Malan may be campy and catty, but I think Mr. Neck Tattoo and Almost Jude Law will be the real villains of the season.

They had the winning dress on display in one of the windows at Macys on 34th st today. It looked a lot nicer in person than it did on the show, though I would have chosen the long jacket w/ the fur. It was well-made, from innovative materials and completely fit the same style of that designers other clothing.

Actually, I was thinking he looked like a brunette Greg Kinnear. Especially in “As Good As It Gets” after he gets attacked and his face begins to look a bit skewed.
Chalk up another vote for Michael’s coffee-filter dress. I actually liked Jeffrey (neck-tattoo guy)'s dress, though I agree that there was too much going on. I think he has potential, though, while the woman who got eliminated just doesn’t have to sewing chops. She couldn’t work the machine, so she hand-sewed her garment? Please. No wonder it had fit issues.

I also liked the dress that Kayne did, with the rubber bath-mat bodice and the rubber curls down the back.

People to watch: Michael (of the coffee filters) Robert (first runner-up), Laura (second runner-up with fur-trimmed jacket), and Malan, who seems annoying but has the ability to pull off a lot with a little. I also thought Katherin, who made the quilted duvet-cover cape over the trash-bag dress, accomplished a pretty impressive design.

It’s a pretty good bunch. Oh, and Vincent (of the straw basket pillbox) is crazy.

Anybody else notice how the caliber of designers has really gone up? Not just their resumes, but remember how on season 1 almost nobody ever ever did sleeves? Some of these people are all, “Well, I’ll make a dress and a jacket, how about that?” Even if it doesn’t come out as something I really like, I’m impressed by their ability.

They ought to know to always listen to Tim these days, though. No excuse.

I too liked the coffee filter dress and felt it was a lot more in the spirit of the competition than the bedsheet thing. I also liked the one with the trailing red things - I think it was made from a bath mat? It really used the characteristics of the material to good effect. Also the coat.

And wouldn’t you expect them to remodel your swank apartment while you were out? I admit, I was kinda surprised, too.

That’s who he reminds me of, too. Those blue eyes.

We should start a pool on who we think will get kicked off for blatant rule violation. Can’t wait for that episode.

I was also impressed by Michael’s coffee filter creation, although the challenge was to show who they are as designers, and from what I’ve seen of his past designs, it seemed out of character for him. But very innovative, and still very pretty.

I don’t know about that. Tim told the guy that won that he should add something more innovative to his dress so the judges don’t think he took the easy way out. The designer decided to leave it as it was and he won.

Personally, I really liked Robert’s (?) dress. I love the look of a red sash on a white dress (chose it for my wedding gown!) and I really liked the beads as a necklace and back.

I loved the back of Robert’s dress - I would have chosen it as the winner. The one I liked the least was the trash bag dress. Inovative, yes, but it just didn’t look good to me. I liked Stacy’s dress better than several of the others - Ulrike’s, Allison’s, and Vincent’s just didn’t appeal to me.

I loved that dress. I can understand why Keith won, but I’m a little bitter about it–I could make a dress out of a bedsheet, if given enough time. :slight_smile:

Vincent is full-on, no-doubt crazy. That makes for good TV, they won’t get rid of him any time soon.

My money for the rule-violation is on Jeffrey of the Enormous Neck. He’s so condescending about the rest of the designers, I wouldn’t be at all suprised if he feels the same way about the entire competition.

I thought that white dress with the red sash was adorable!

I thought the coffee filter dress should have won, though. It fit well. It was very cute. It used materials from the apartment in a new and unexpected way.

I totally disagreed with the winner.
It seemed attractive but all he did was use a large swath of material (bed sheet) and make a dress. A few buttons on the back? meh.

The loser was a good pick, though!

When they showed them all running down the stairs I started laughing. My sister kept glaring at me and finally asked “What are you laughing at?” and I believe my response was pointing at one of the designers ripping apart their bed and saying “He has no idea that he isn’t going to have shit to sleep on tonight!” :smiley: I was right.

Who is it in the previews that says “Sabotage happens?” Is it Jeffrey? I think he might well be our rule-violator, but you never know. Keith is arrogant, and he obviously wants to win. Vincent might wind up doing something stupid without thinking it through. And we don’t know the others all that well yet.

Either way, I’ll be watching when it happens. And then I’ll watch the reruns. And the marathons. And the season-ending review specials that replay all the worst incidents in their gory detail. Project Runway is my crack.

I finally got to watch the episode.

I could see why the coffee filter dress didn’t win, it was innovative, it looked good but it wasn’t wearable - get caught in the rain and lose your dress. In my opinion, Laura should have won because her coat was all innovative, it looked good and it was wearable. I was surprised that Mr. Pretensious, Malan, complimented her on it. Keith’s dress did look good and it was wearable but it wasn’t innovative.

Did anyone else think that Jeffrey’s model looked like a drag queen? Jeffrey’s huge neck sure is distracting, and it has nothing to do with the tatoos. I am also hoping that Jeffrey is the one asked to leave. There seem to be plenty of arrogant asses for this season and at least Keith is nicer on the eyes.

After seeing the VH-1 Best Week Ever recap, I’m unable to look at Malan without thinking of him as Dracula.

Heidi Klum is on The Tonight Show right now and I have to say that she is–apparently for the 3rd time now–the HOTTEST PREGNANT WOMAN EVER!

I just had to share.

Even better: Malan as one of Terry Pratchett’s Black Ribbon vampires. They’re always perfectly groomed and dressed, have lovely accents, and they’ve sworn off blood, so they have a replacement obsession (coffee, photography, geneaology, etc). Malan’s is FASHION! If he can’t work on his designs properly, he’ll snap and end up ripping someone’s jugular out. I vote for Jeffrey; his giant, tattooed neck is the perfect target.

Yay! NBC is rerunning on Monday nights – I don’t have cable, so this is a Dream Come True for me.

I loved Laura’s coat – I thought it was a great look, truly expressed who she is, and was glamorous and wearable. As Wile E pointed out, the coffee filter number, though creative and v. cool, wasn’t actually wearable.

He didn’t seem so much crazy to me as very, very fragile, as if he’s tip toeing that razon thin line. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles the stress.