Project Runway Missing Episode from 2/25

Keep an eye on next week’s schedule.

If the program info from Dish Network is accurate, an episode titled Hard Wear with a 2/25 date will be running next Thursday (March 4), at 9 PM (Eastern) right before the 3/4 episode at 10 PM, which is titled Elements of Fashion.

(Sorry about a cross-post, but people looking for last night’s episode may not think to look at a thread about a different week.)

Thanks for posting this. I assumed I’d messed up recording somehow, then reconsidered and thought they were skipping a week so as not to compete with the Olympics (or something). In any case. I wouldn’t have looked if you hadn’t brought it up so, thanks again.

I don’t know for sure what will be on tonight.

Dish is still saying Hard Wear (episode 7) is running at 9PM Eastern, followed by the new episode #8 at 10.

Lifetime’s website only says that there’s an episode at 9PM and 10PM, with no descriptions. They don’t have Episode 7 available for download, so it may be possible they just paused the program completely and Episode 7 will run tonight at the normal “new episode” time.

My advice is to record both time slots, and we’ll figure out what they did tomorrow. :smiley:

I want to say I saw a commercial and the “Hard Wear” one will be on at the regular ‘new’ episode time tonight, but I didn’t pay enough attention.

However, if this is not the case, what would they do about “Models of the Runway”? There doesn’t seem to be two different episodes of it playing tonight. If I miss the one with the models in bikinis at the pool (which 2 weeks’ ago preview suggested) I will be angry.

I just saw the kiddie challenge from 2 weeks ago (I loved Amy’s pants, of course blue and orange go together, I think if they had more ethnicity among the judges those bold color combos would be more accepted). I hope I can catch tonight’s episode.

I have finished catching up with all seasons :frowning: Season 5 was getting reviewed as very lame, but it was one of my favorite seasons, Kenley, Stella, Blayne, all cracked me up. Season 6 has to be the lamest so far, so dull compared to the others. This season 7 is looking good so far.

I have my favorite designers, like, Laura for whom I would leave my life just to be her lady’s maid :wink:

I simply cannot believe that that pink monstrosity did not lose. It was the worst outfit I’ve ever seen on any episode of this show, and it’s a complete travesty that it did not lose. It’s mind-boggling :confused::eek::mad:

I could have sworn I heard Heidi say that she didn’t think it was that bad when the judges were talking. Maybe that was the deciding factor. But yeah, I’ve liked a lot of Emilio’s work up to now, but between this week’s and 2 week’s ago Easter dresses from hell…yeah. Time to go.

Actually, I’m pretty sure it was Nina, of all people who said it wasn’t really that bad. I want whatever she’s been smoking! And to listen to Emilio weasel out with “Well, I knew everyone else would be making dresses” - whatever! :rolleyes: I really liked him at first, but now, not so much.

Jesse’s look was awful, but I feel really sorry for him. To know that he got sent home while that horrible pink thing got a pass? It must be like a kick right to the balls.

It **was **Nina who said it wasn’t that bad. I can only assume that they edited out the part where she continued “relative to war, famine, disease, and all the other ills of the world we live in.”

Moldy, fuzzy green spoilage…

[spoiler] I forget who, but someone - probably was Emilio - said some claptrap about the pink bikini not looking like it came from a hardware store.

Uh, it’s fender washers and surveyor’s twine. It can’t look like anything BUT being from a hardware store.[/spoiler]
I think the only possible thing that kept him alive was that it wasn’t a straight-forward dress and showed that there was one brain cell saying “Don’t make another damned dress…”


The trash bag creation was fantastic and could have done well on a non-hardware theme week.

I thought that was odd, too. Nina’s not the Paula of the judges! And this was especially horrid. You didn’t even have to be a fashion type person to know–ICK.

And I also thought the other guest designer, blanking on the name, who was all, “He thought about it, and he didn’t want to do a dress” was odd, too–really? They really bought that he honestly chose to do a bikini?

ETA: I’m sorry, was that technically a one piece? They said it was sort of woven together. I don’t know. Heinous no matter what.

I’ll continue to watch, but is it possible that the mere fact of moving to Lifetime has made the show boring. Is it just that there isn’t really much newness. Oh, hardware store…well every season they go to a non fabric source for at least one challenge. Yawn.

Setting aside that it was absolutely awful, the thing that bothered me most about the pink mess was the same thing Heidi said. It could have been so much better (not good probably, but less horrible) had there been some semblance of pattern in the arrangement of the washers.

I love hardware stores, and have a basic understanding of garment construction and cannot think what I would’ve done in the same challenge. A few things that crossed my mind would’ve cost a good deal more than $150. I’m glad people didn’t buy blue tarps, at least.

It felt like it was more fun in the past. Maybe because it was so new and fresh? I’m thinking of the first Gristedes challenge in season one. Everything felt really fun back then, though–the redesign the mail carrier uniform, the bathing suit one, the wedding dress challenge. Now it’s a lot more like…eh. Blandness. No matter what they do, no matter how kooky the challenge is.

I thought Emilio was going home for sure because not only was that swimsuit a horrible mess, but Heidi questioned his taste, which is usually the kiss of death.

BTW, what was Emilio’s accessory?

I think Emilio’s was some kind of ring or bracelet made from washers that the model was wearing. We didn’t get a great look at it.

I think what saved him is the quality of his past work. That, and Nina (inexplicably) wasn’t questioning his taste level. Heidi, yes, but Nina, no. I’m still wondering why she was so nice. Did she have really awesome sex the night before? Usually she’s wonderfully vicious.

I personally would have given Maya the win for the necklace and the jacket. I thought that was wonderfully inventive and quite chic.

Thanks - one of the dogs was having a barking fit, and I probably jumped to conslusions, since we know Heidi’s thing for the Nina no-no trifecta: Short, tight, and shiny!

Jesse was robbed. Robbed, I tell you. The strings of washers was vulgar, ugly, and just… just… awful. This decision was a travesty. On the lifetime site there is a poll and almost everyone who answered said Emilio deserved to go home.

Completely agree.

I think Emilio is, overall, a stronger designer than Jesse, and i know that people are often saved by the quality of their past work, but Emilio’s was just so fucking awful that nothing should have saved him. Absolute worst decision i’ve ever seen on Project Runway, i think.